David Leonard’s 'The Wait: Silence The Noise:' Lyrically Powerful & Newly Reinvented

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.8/5.0]

David Leonard, formerly of All Sons & Daughters, has released a new live album, The Wait: Silence The Noise. His new project features songs listeners were introduced to on The Wait, but in a re-invented form as they are performed live and stripped down. This album has a worship vibe to it with a distinct presentation, putting the focus on the lyrics of the song. Leonard beautifully crafted these tracks both lyrically and instrumentally, with each track building up to declare a powerful message and reminder for today’s Christian listeners.

The first track on The Wait: Silence The Noise is “Wanderer” and I feel as though Leonard’s lyrics call out the heart of the sinner, forcing them to come face to face with the sins buried deep in their heart, “I am a prodigal, I can make it on my own. I am a runaway, I would rather be alone…”. This song, in particular, builds up to declare that “I am a child of God” because God is there to “find me and bring me home.” While the primary objective of this album is to spotlight powerful lyrics, the instrumental side of the song most certainly cannot go unmentioned. On this album, “Wanderer” starts with a soft synth pad and drum beat that draws the attention in of the listener as Leonard’s vocals begin. Though during the majority of the song, the synth and drum beat continue on steadily, there is a slight emotional build-up at what could be considered the turning point of the song, where Leonard declares that even though we’ve wandered far, the Lord will always bring us home. A musical build-up is clear when Leonard sings, with intensity, “I am a child of God.” The music drops out, minus a synth pad and strong piano chords, to end the song, “Cause I am a prodigal…But I am a child of God…”. Leonard beautifully encapsulates the power of the Gospel through “Wanderer” both lyrically and instrumentally.

“Signs Of Life” is the third track on the album and another one certainly worth highlighting. Leonard sings this song with a strong passion that can be felt on the first listen. This song begins with a drum beat, strong piano chords, and an accompanying synth pad. The lyrics are especially powerful, as we follow Leonard on this journey of looking for “signs of life”. The beginning of the song starts with feelings of being in “a desolate place” and “feeling so far away”. The bridge is the major build-up portion of the song, “We’re not alone in this darkness, we burn like stars in the dead of night.” The end of the song displays the decrescendo of the music while reminding all that in God we find the signs of life.

“I Will Wait” features another powerful message, through more of a congregational song, that could be sung in churches. This song only has piano and vocals, but the lyrics are the most important part. The chorus, “I am reminded from where you have brought me, and where you have placed me for today…” leads the worshippers in an important remembrance of the Lord and His sustaining power, through every season. This song is such an important one and Leonard has a wonderful skill for writing songs that lead worshippers to the throne of God.

David Leonard has captured his audience with a collection of powerful songs highlighted on his recent release, The Wait: Silence The Noise. Leonard does this through writing songs that have such deep lyrical meaning while also showing his craft through the instrumental portion of the songs. The Wait: Silence The Noise is powerful both lyrically and instrumentally as  Leonard displays and guides his listeners to a deep sense of awe and wonder of the Lord with a re-invented sound.