'Unstoppable God' Offers Unstoppable Encouragement From Sanctus Real

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist [4.5/5.0]

Sanctus Real returns with their ninth studio album, Unstoppable God, releasing everywhere August 30. This album is packed with anthems that worship the Lord and also encourage the believer. Each song features an important foundational truth that is uplifting and points the listener to the Lord. This album also has hits “Confidence” and “Unstoppable God” that have been featured on Christian radio. 

Chart-climbing “Confidence” is featured on this album. This song reminds us of biblical characters who faced their toughest times with such confidence and bravery. Starting with piano, synth sounds, and a beat easy to clap to, you’ll be singing along in no time. The chorus is catchy and inspiring. The bridge builds both instrumentally and vocally, leading back into a quieter version of the chorus that repeats into a powerful anthem. Sanctus Real wrote an incredibly encouraging and inspiring song with “Confidence.”

Another stand-out song on Unstoppable God is “Lazarus.” This track starts with a soft piano synth pad and focuses on the topic of how Christians are dead people come alive, just like Lazarus in the New Testament. “My testimony from death to life…” are the lyrics that start off the chorus. Sanctus Real focuses on the fact that we as Christians are now alive in Christ and this change should be noticeable in our everyday lives. This song is a great reminder of something that is so important in our daily walk with the Lord.

“Unstoppable God”, the title track of Sanctus Real’s upcoming release, is yet another chart-climber. Starting with a synth crescendo, then dropping to feature an acoustic guitar beat and frontman Dustin Lolli’s vocals, the song creates a great build-up that leads to a chorus that will have you encouraged and singing along! The bridge features a piano rhythm and key vocals, “Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord.” The song also closes with these masterful lyrics that leave the listener in remembrance of how good our God is.

Unstoppable God will leave you encouraged and will remind you that through the power of God, we can face anything in life with confidence. With this album, Sanctus Real continues its storied history of releasing impactful songs that are destined chart climbers on Christian radio.