Jason Gray Offers Simple Yet Profound Truths On 'Order' EP

Review Rating: Add It To Playlist [4.0/5.0]

Jason Gray has released yet another great project with his five song EP, Order. This EP is first in a series of three EPs that Gray is planning on releasing. For the first of the three, Order truly showcases Gray’s songwriting ability. The five songs on the EP each share a different, simple, yet profound reminder, but are woven together into a beautiful story. This EP features pop, fun, and upbeat songs, with lyrics that remind us of the important truths of our walk with the Lord.

First on the EP is “Becoming”, which showcases a nice synth pad and smooth, melodic lines. The idea behind the song is a simple truth: we have to “leave behind” what we were before and that we are always progressing and always “becoming” who God has made us to be. Once we have remembered that we’re always progressing, Jason Gray reminds us of thankfulness with the next track on the EP.

The next song, “Maker of Mornings (I am Loved)” starts with a crescendo synth and piano melody line that resembles what a sunrise would sound like. This upbeat song reminds us to be grateful for each new morning, as they are a gift from God. All in all, this song is truly enjoyable with its strong chorus and ever-true reminder of the gift of life.orderEP

The next two songs, “Wonder” and “I’m Gonna Let It Go”, although having different and contrasting themes, in reality, are both two common struggles Christians have. The first song, “Wonder” talks about wanting to remember and “feel the wonder” of how wonderful God is! Gray masters this topic in a fun and upbeat song. The next song, “I’m Gonna Let It Go” reminds us, through a pop beat synth pad, that even when life is confusing, we have to remember to let whatever is causing us anxiety go and give it to God. This is only when we can find true freedom. Jason Gray uniquely captures different, yet similar, themes in his music and uses fun melodic lines to display those messages.

Finally, “Order Disorder Reorder” closes out the EP with a reminder that control is not in our hands, but in the hands of the Lord. This song closes out the EP Order, but also wraps back up into the theme of the first song on the EP, because it is a reminder that we have to let God change us – even if at times it is difficult. This EP is all about the progress that we make, when we let God work in us, in our faith in Him.

Jason Gray has again proven that he is a master wordsmith, as well as musician, through the five songs on Order. Each song, yet with differing themes, is a piece of the puzzle that displays common things and emotions that Christians tend to deal with on their daily walk with the Lord. Gray displays these themes through upbeat, clean sounding synths and well-crafted melody lines. This EP, Order, is a hit – make sure you listen to it and stay tuned for when Jason Gray adds to the trilogy!