The Afters Drop Raw & Honest New Album 'Fear No More'

Review Rating: 4.8/5.0 [Must Listen!]

After a nearly 3 year hiatus, The Afters have returned with their sixth studio album Fear No More. Inspired by personal changes and challenges in the lives of the band members, the album holds back no punches with a collection of songs that easily connects with the listener.  The album’s debut single “Well Done” continues its radio chart dominance as it impacts listeners. While the radio single picks up steam, the title track has also found a grassroots life of its own. Track after track, this album features genuine lyrics with mastery production.

fearnomoreHQThe very first notes of "Lightning" are guaranteed to have you dancing. However, this song is not just easy on the ears, but listeners quickly appreciate the powerful truths featured in the track. "I used to wear the chains of shame and doubt / Inside my heart was like a desert / Waiting for Your rain to come down," sings frontman Joshua Havens, relaying to listeners that we all go through dark and difficult moments. But the story does not end there, as there is hope in our lives and ultimately life beyond the grave. Josh adds, "Then like a freight train / Your Holy Ghost came / Shaking the ground underneath my feet / Your mercy rolled in." There is also a creative break in this song that leaves you wanting more, and luckily for the listener, there is another chance to sing along to the chorus prior to the conclusion of the track.

The Afters welcome the voices of Multi-platinum selling MercyMe on the song "Wait." In a world that seems more chaotic and troubled each day, this song conveys the longing deep in the heart of every Christian to see what comes next.  "Wait, I can hardly wait, to look into your face when the world disappears / Wait, I can hardly wait, to hear your sweet voice sing 'You've done well my good and faithful son.'" The track is filled with beautiful imagery of what life in Heaven will look like and re-focuses the listener to a Christ-centered life. Both groups join voices for a loop of  "Shine on me" that is sure to warm your heart.

The stripped down "Forever And Always" is a heart-breaking track inspired by the unexpected loss of a family friend's newborn during the delivery process. Devastating events like this can sometimes take the words right out of your mouth and be difficult to comprehend nonetheless speak of. The song is a simple reminder that even when we feel most alone and deserted by God, Jesus is always by our side and comforting us. "Forever and always, He'll never leave your side / Forever and always, He leads you through the hardest time. Don't give up, you can know everywhere that you go, He is with you." The song also reminds listeners that sometimes when our loved ones are walking through tragedy, our presence can simply be enough in that moment.

The Afters have made a conscious decision to not only showcase the awesome and glorious moments in life but to also bring to light the difficult and sometimes tragic times. With one poignant and emotional hit after another, Fear No More is a raw and honest collection that is sure to leave an impact.