Seventh Day Slumber Makes Impressive Debut On RockFest Records

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Selling a half million albums, earning two Billboard #1 albums, five #1 singles, and 14 Top Ten hits are just a few of the highlights from Seventh Day Slumber's 20+ year career. Comprised of members Joseph Rojas (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Holderfield (guitar), Blaise Rojas (drums), and Ken Reed (bass), the band is about to add another impressive highlight with the sure to be record-breaking release of Closer To Chaos.

The album opens with the pre-released rock anthem "Alive Again." The lyrics, 'I just wanna feel alive again / I'm stressing out / I don't wanna let them down / I'm just trying not to sink', and other lines throughout the track illustrate cries for help in the midst of feeling all of the stresses of life. The classic rock instrumentation does not leave the listener questioning the sound they will hear throughout the remainder of the record. This is the first example of a noteworthy combination of compelling lyrics with powerful arrangements featured time and time again on this record.

“Light It Up” is one of the least heavy tracks on the album musically that opens up to a rhythmic hook in the chorus. The off-beat syncopation continues throughout the song and climaxes during the bridge. The lyrics share the message of restoration and redemption through Christ alone and send a resolute call to anything against Christ that 'this is the end of your games / the end of your reign / I'm never going back again'. 

"The Letter", "Still Breathing", and "Sober" come one after each other near the end of the album and highlight the quality writing and production of the album. Perhaps even more importantly, they continue the common messaging theme that is threaded throughout Closer To Chaos - that any and all hurting can be overcome through Christ, the lone source of stability and truth admidst the chaos of life. 

The album closes the ten track project with "Your Eyes." This song's message centers on finding your identity in Jesus. There is not an unintentional lyric in this song - with all of the verses and chorus pointing back to the One whose perspective should be our guiding light throughout all situations. The driving beat and gritty vocals are the perfect conclusion to this record's sound.

Closer To Chaos' rawness of rock sound is only rivaled by its rawness of lyrics. New and long-time fans alike will enjoy this unapologetically Christian rock album, which is soon to be one of the most played albums of the year. Make sure you are one of Seventh Day Slumber's fans rocking out starting on release day, May 31. 

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