Influencers Challenge Definition Of Worship Music With Debut Album

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.8 / 5]

Influencers have been honing their craft for years internally, serving those God has placed in their path at the international Influencers Church which resides in both Atlanta and Australia. Now, the group is preparing to release their debut album, Just The Cross, on May 17th. Their music is being born out of worshiping in different spaces – Haiti, a mountain, a coffee shop for their "† (just the cross) sessions" and more. Comprised of eight males and four females, rich and layered vocals are not in short supply. The melodies are curated by the diverse voices and faces that bring the group to life. “That’s what makes this special; our God given individuality in the context of His design and pattern. This is true unity, a strictly inclusive family. This is our tribe,” shares Influencers Worship. This 13 track live collection aligns with the name of their viral single which is nearing a million streams worldwide.


Now to dive into the truly powerful and worship-filled songs. Right off the bat, this album opens with “Here With You”, which is not what you typically think of when hearing the term “worship music.” A driving beat, real and honest lyrics, and instrumentation that keeps up the energy and the integrity of the song alive, “Here with You” is a surefire hit. “I won’t take one step without you” are just a few of the lyrics in this masterclass of a song. Even in just this one sentence, the song holds so much truth and power.

That same energy and vibe from the opening track continues into "Dance Like It’s Done.” Influencers are making a statement by challenging the definition of typical worship music with a distinct sound that more generations can relate too. “When I wanted to let go, you held on and your promises kept me through it all. Every word you’ve spoken will stand strong.” These words drive home the point that even when Christians want to give up, this is the ultimate reminder that He is always holding onto us.

Slowing it down a little comes the title track, “Just The Cross.” The vocals on this track are truly inspired with rich textures and inflections in every note that are sung. Even though the tempo of this song is slower, the instrumentation does not lose any power whatsoever. “This is undeserved affection. I’m a trophy of your grace. Overwhelmed by your forgiveness, there’s no equal love.”

This entire album is chock-full of strong vocals, vulnerable lyrics, and is a true representation of what worship music is evolving into. Influencers champion a unique sound and style on their debut release that all the while gives glory to God. Featuring thirteen tracks and the extra added bonus of being a live album, Just The Cross is definitely one to add to your collection.