Mack Brock Impresses With Vulnerable New Collection 'Covered'

Review Rating: 4.6/5.0

Five-time GMA Dove award nominee Mack Brock releases his highly anticipated new collection, Covered, on March 22nd. This will be a follow up to his critically acclaimed solo-project, Greater Things. which garnered over 9 million streams globally since the debut’s release last fall. Covered is the continuation of the multifaceted creator's sojourn, an expression of Brock's total reliance and dependence on God.

“Just as I am, you welcome me with open arms, how can this be?” starts out the first song titled “I Am Loved.” With passionate vocals and a solid beat, this song is the definition of a moment in worship music. Raise your arms and lift your heart to Heaven during this powerful track.

“After Me” has a strong but calm guitar intro all while staying in the genre of contemporary worship. “Things are clearer when you pull me out, I can see the fight against my heart but I know that you would never fall.” The guitar in this song most definitely adds a different feel to the track while staying true to the intent of the artist.

The title track, “Covered”, sounds a little along the lines of a Hillsong classic, which coincides well with his spot on the UNITED upcoming USA 2019 Tour. “Far beyond what I could fathom, you exceed my expectations, lead me here Holy Spirit in this place let your glory lead the way, I am yours.” The vocals throughout each song have a certain raspy tone that is growing increasingly popular in today’s new music culture. This is yet another combination of powerful lyrics and strong vocals.

Mack Brock does not disappoint with this very vulnerable collection. He provides heartfelt lyrics and compelling vocals that are sure to connect on a deep level with all listeners. This release has a total of five songs, each more powerful than the one before.