Lindy & The Circuit Riders Empower And Engage Listeners With 'Driven By Love'

Review Rating: 4.0/5.0

Born in Edmond, Oklahoma and currently residing in Los Angeles, California is Lindy Conant, more well known as the lead singer of Lindy & The Circuit Riders. Starting her career at the young age of 19 as a worship leader, Lindy’s dream is to share God’s word with the world. In 2007, Conant moved to Hawaii to serve with the program “Youth With A Purpose.” While serving in several different worship positions, she discovered her calling for music. From Hawaii, she was launched as a missionary into the United States. Along with Andy Byrd and Brian Brennt, they formed The Circuit Riders. They began by going to college campuses to reach the younger generation. Their latest album from Heritage Music Group is titled Driven By Love. This 13 track album will be released on the 22nd of February and is highly anticipated in the worship music community.

Let’s start right off with the title track, “Driven By Love.” The beginning of the song starts off with a pulsating but not overpowering beat. The vocals are very clear and commanding. This song definitely has the feel of a worship classic while also drawing you in with some new elements to keep you listening. The title of this song comes from their experience at YWAM in Kansas City. Lindy and her husband ended up fostering a child at YWAM and they felt compelled by God to foster a baby boy. When describing this song, Conant said, “This isn’t a love that my own strength can conjure up. It’s a love that comes from surrender and being poor in Spirit so LOVE Himself can love THROUGH His people.’”

Another favorite song on the album is “Not Ashamed.” The start of this song is melodic and consistent. The vocals are powerful throughout and have a good build-up from the beginning to the middle of the song, they are never compromising on energy either. “Because He gave it all for me” are some of the lyrics of this song and they are truly spectacular. Jesus gave everything up for us and this song does an incredible job of conveying that message.

The song “Hands and Feet” is a good balance of contemporary and classic Christian music. It has a unique beat, making it something that you do not hear very often. “I am yours, and I gave my life to follow you,” Conant sings. There is no shortage of good lyrics throughout this album and this song is no exception. These words are talking about how we are the Lord’s and when the decision is reached to follow Him, our lives are truly given one hundred percent to Him.

If you have not had the pleasure of hearing the incredible talents and worship filled songs of Lindy & The Circuit Riders, give the album Driven By Love a try. It's a refreshing addition to the worship community that is sure to empower and engage listeners of all ages.