Radiate Worship Pushes The Listener Outside Their Comfort Zone With 'Come Alive'

Review Rating: 4.5/5.0

Radiate Worship got its start in Norway and they love finding new ways to worship our one true God. They started the band to be able to inspire believers and to show non Christians who God really is. In an interview that we recently conducted, lead singer Martin Midgård Hagen talked about the fact that it felt good to come back to the “sound where it all started.” The band wants to push listeners outside of their comfort zones to create a completely different worship experience.

comealiveThe vocals throughout this album are absolutely phenomenal. You can truly tell that the vocalists mean what they are singing. “Back To You” starts off quiet and gets louder as the song moves closer to the chorus. The instrumentation is very melodic, upbeat, and real. It doesn’t sound autotuned like a lot of popular music today. As the album moves along, it keeps getting more honest and open.

“Never Let Me Go” starts with a driving and insanely melodic beat. This song definitely transforms the meaning of worship music. The instruments blend together to create a beautiful piece of music. Towards the end of the song comes a great guitar riff continuing to build up until it suddenly stops, goes soft, and comes back, even stronger than before. This song has everything, from the instruments to the meaningful lyrics and strong vocals.

“91” has a background vocal track to start the song, leading into the full vocals but with a more subtle instrumentation. None of the songs on this album sound alike, making each one you listen to a different worship experience.

All of these songs deserve mentioning but one that needs to be talked about even more is “OMG.” The beat of this song is crazy fast and is something you don’t hear everyday in worship music. Songs like this don’t get talked about enough, they fly under the radar a bit. The entire concept for the song changes what our perspective of worship music currently is and what it can be. Part of the song has the words “Oh My God come and take my life,” which is a powerful line talking about giving our whole lives to God.

If you are looking for a worship experience that is different from any other that you have had, this album is for you. Worshipping to this record will most likely push you out of your comfort zone, as the artists intended, but you just might be glad you made the decision to pick up a copy of Come Alive by Radiate Worship.