Catch The Fire’s Debut Album Is A Praise & Worship Hit

Review: Rating: 4.2/5.0

Catch The Fire Music is a collective of worship artists passionate about leading people into encounters with God. They are comprised of members Jonathan and Alice Clark, Amber Brooks, Chris and Summer Shealy, and Steve Tebb. Catch The Fire was founded in 1994 as Toronto Airport Vineyard. A few years later, the name was changed to Catch The Fire World and the music side came along a little bit later.

If you are a fan of Hillsong or Bethel then you will most likely enjoy this worship band. They have lots of melodic tones and inspiring lyrics that worship Jesus Christ in every song. They will be releasing their debut album titled Presence on January 25th of this year. When asked about the album, Chris Shealy said, “This project captures the fiery essence of who we are as a worship movement and the cry of our hearts to encounter God’s transforming presence.” As a worship band, they truly want to show God’s love and grace through their music, they feel as though that is what God has called them to do.

This album features worship leaders from around the world who have come together to make something truly incredible. The song “Who The Son Sets Free” is raw and unfiltered genius. Listening to it makes you want to worship and praise the Lord. The song “Affection Devotion” features the lyrics, “All my affection, all my devotion, let it pour over you.” Those words are so powerful and full of truth because God truly cares about us and that is what this song is trying to convey. The song starts out with a soft but driving beat with vocals that pack a punch right from the opening line. Throughout the entire song you can tell that the vocalist is truly meaning what he is singing. With this song, the lyrics are talking about our loving and devoted God.

“Jesus Only You” starts out a lot different than the rest of this album. It has a pulsating beat from start to finish. The drumbeat for this song is not only catchy but gives the song a full sound to make the song well rounded. Jonathan and Alice Clark are the vocalists featured on this song and they do not disappoint one bit. The spontaneous words spoken throughout the song make it feel like a true worship experience, almost like they are praying through the words they are singing.

This debut album from Catch The Fire is chock-full of worship filled songs from track one to track ten. With real and vulnerable lyrics, instrumentation that rounds out each song, and lyrics that feel like a prayer, Presence by Catch The Fire is a must have for your collection.