Passion's 'Follow You Anywhere' Is Full Of Honest & Heartfelt Songs

Review Rating: 4.3/5

Worship band Passion, formed by Louie Giglio in 1997, dropped their new album Follow You Anywhere at the sold out 2019 Passion Conference. With guest vocalists such as Chris Tomlin and Kari Jobe, this worship band has sold out conferences all across the globe. They are a great source for powerful anthems that truly worship Christ. This 10 song album hosts a compilation of many praise and worship songs that reflect the conferences they annually host. As their website says so accurately, “Passion is more than music. More than events. Passion is a generation living for His name.”

The title track of the album, “Follow You Anywhere,” has a consistent driving beat and rich vocals from the very first moment of the song. When the words start, the music is more melodic and then goes back to more upbeat as it continues on throughout the song. “Bigger Than I Thought” starts with beautiful piano tones that continue to grow louder and are joined with more instruments as the track continues on. Sean Curran’s guest vocals fit the musical piece perfectly and are completely a part of the song.

The song “Fade Away” is the true definition of a worship song. Melodie Malone adds a unique sound to the already rich instrumentation making the song one impossible to forget. “Welcome The Healer” is a track which talks about God as the ultimate healer and author of our lives. The main point of the song is that we welcome God into our lives as the only One who can truly heal us.

Passion Music has released yet another praise-worthy album with a track list full of honest and heartfelt songs. The tracks on this latest collection are saturated with authenticity and genuine worship moments. Follow You Anywhere is for sure an album you want in your collection this new year.