Building 429 Finds Strength Through God With 'Live The Journey'

My Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.5 / 5]

It has been three years since the GRAMMY-nominated band Building 429 released their latest project, Unashamed, and the band is thrilled to announce they have new music to share. To celebrate their upcoming collection, the band is releasing new music in consecutive weeks leading up to the September 7th launch of their Live the Journey album. The tracks have been released in album order, so the last song on the record, “Closer”, is the only one yet to be debuted as a pre-order release.


The first song of the album, “You Can,” opens with a driving rhythm throughout the verses that opens up during the chorus. Jason sings of all the things that only God can do and humans fail at when trying alone. With God, humans can accomplish great things that were previously impossible.

“Keep trusting, keep climbing, keep running - even when I feel like I can’t, I can walk on the water, I can stand in the fire; when I look into your eyes, when I have you by my side…even though I am just a man, I am in your hands. You can."

“Shame Doesn’t Live Here” continues the album’s core message of redemption through God with lyrics illustrating how our hearts and minds are made new when we invite God in. To this listener, the accompanying music parallels this from the first notes of the song. Descending piano chords with a hint of haunting within their sound are heard throughout the song but dissipate toward the ending chorus only to come back as the last notes in a bright and cheery intonation imitating a sense of being made new.

“I Still Believe” stands out from the other tracks by its distinct sound. A string introduction begins the piece, while a speaking portion is highlighted in the bridge. “Always Only You” is a solid and moving love song to God with a strong ballad feel. Found throughout the lyrics of these and the remaining tracks is the same message of redemption, hope and strength found only from God.

Overall, Live The Journey speaks true to its name with each song declaring total trust, surrender, and faith in God – regardless of one’s circumstances. Building 429 has struck a fine balance between sharing a consistent message throughout their tenth album while not losing their unique sound, all together making for a collection that is certain to touch the lives of its listeners.