“Rhett Walker Band EP” Capitalizes Opportunity To Showcase Versatility Of Style And Emotion

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Today, CCM fans are waking up to new content from Rhett Walker Band in the form of their latest release, Rhett Walker Band EP. Arriving to the scene within the last decade, this group has previously released two albums, Come To The River in 2012 and Here’s To The Ones in 2014, as well as the 2017 single “I Surrender.” The group has received Dove Award nominations and a Grammy nomination for their popular hit, “When Mercy Found Me.” Listeners may also know the group from their appearances on tour with MercyMe, Newsboys, and at the Grand Ole Opry. The band’s new EP, released today, contains 6 rock/contemporary tracks with varying emotion and lyrical craft.

rhettwalkerbandThe EP begins with its previously released single, “Say Hello,” entering with a power-charged, fun intro comprised of guitar and pulsed piano chords that are woven in the background of the rest of the song. When talking about the meaning behind this tune, Walker shares, “'Say Hello' is about how it's easy to close off in our own little world and focus on our shame and get caught up in the what-ifs and how that can be a downward spiral, but the reality is because of Jesus, you can say 'hello' to the brand new you and find freedom and a family. Say 'goodbye' to the worn and weary and say 'hello' to the brand new you.” This track brings high energy and positivity, celebrating our new freedom found in God.

“Murderer” is a crafty piece, starting with a drawling, western accompaniment on guitar. Walker’s smoky vocals are the perfect vehicle to convey the emotion in this piece. The lyrics grab our attention and force us to take an honest look at those who condemned Jesus in His time, likening us to the ones who ridiculed and killed him, only to later cry out to Him for mercy.

Greatly contrasting in style, “Like Your Father Does” begins with a sweet and easy piano introduction. Here, Walker’s vocals convey a raw and genuine moment of worship. The lyrical message confidently shares the matchlessness of God’s love. A country anthem, purposeful yet relaxed, “Heavenly Home” exclaims how God’s promise of heaven will always exceed whatever we have here on earth.

Though only 6 tracks, this EP showcases an impressively wide range of musical style, message and emotion. Walker’s vocal talent is evident in that he can perfectly capture and elaborate on the emotion and character of a variety of styles. Due to the polished versatility found in this EP, Rhett Walker Band is poised to connect more hearts to God in worship and find a growing fan base of support. Be sure to check out the group’s website for more information regarding downloading and streaming Rhett Walker Band EP, as well as their upcoming shows.