Lauren Daigle Exceeds Expectations With New Single "You Say"

Lauren Daigle has become a beloved staple in the CCM genre, with Platinum and Gold-certified singles and countless awards for her music. Her passion for the Savior is evident in every song and impacts listeners across the world. With the release of her newest single, "You Say," it's quite clear that Lauren is ready to encourage and inspire audiences once more. The anticipation has built for a long while now but this new single exceeds expectations and is a fantastic kick-off for the upcoming album, titled Look Up Child, which has a September 7th street date.

Smoothly gliding piano notes open the song, rolling gently throughout the melody. This is Lauren's moment to pause and reflect, inviting listeners to join with the calm and contemplative sound. The fade from verse to chorus is marked by the entrance of subtle strings that peek out from behind the background keyboard. Light drums are restrained throughout the end of the song, allowed a single, powerful beating here and there.

Lauren's rich vocals lead the verses, moving with a low and gentle tone to paint the setting - a portrait of lies we are fed about ourselves and our identities. These lies are quickly shattered as the chorus rises, projected as Lauren's vocals brighten and increase in intensity and passion. "You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing," Lauren sings, describing what God says about us in spite of the world. "And when I don't belong, You say I am Yours - and I believe."

"You Say" is a great sign of what's to come for Lauren Daigle as a new album is expected this fall. In the meantime, this pre-release single is certain to impact listeners - reminding them of what the Savior truly says about who we are. The message of "You Say" is one that everyone needs to hear, and Lauren's melody and vocals passionately invite audiences to pause and be encouraged by that reminder.