The Protest Creates A 'Legacy' With New Album

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

Indiana-based hard rock band The Protest made waves with their first album release and a relentless touring schedule that engaged and inspired fans across the world. There's no slowing down for the band, not with the release of their latest project. Legacy is a hard-hitting, motivating, fist-raising, adrenaline-boosting collection of fight anthems - fueled by energetic melodies and captivating lyrics.

legacy2"Valor" opens the album without hesitation or a slow introduction. From the beginning, The Protest packs the song with gripping, accelerating electric guitar chords and crashing, upbeat drums. Grit meets brightness as the song grips listeners with a fierce rock sound yet uplifts with a bright and bold tone across the melody. This is a fight song, an anthem that inspires to rise up and courageously stand for God. It's a great opening to the collection and sets up listeners for what's to come.

"What Else You Got" is The Protest's latest radio hit, an enthusiastic and powerful single that has become a fan favorite. Guitar chords play off as restrained yet intense across the verses, compounded by thundering drums that build an engaging beat. When the chorus strikes, everything rises - the guitar chords, the drums, and the vocals take on a brighter and bolder tone. Its lyrics are a reminder of the strength that God gives and how He fights for us. "My eye on the prize, fists in the sky, I'll see you at the finish line" lead singer Josh Bramlett proclaims as he taunts all that dares to challenge his Savior's power. "What else you got?"

"Noise Revolution" starts off deceptively restrained but quickly erupts into an upbeat, moving rally. Thrashing drums and bold guitar chords build the melody, with subtle electronics to accent the chorus and emphasize the call to action. It grabs listeners, gently lets them go across the verses, and pulls them back in for a bold and defiant call to action. Lyrics describe an end to the silence and a call to courageously raise our voices for Christ - a revolution that starts with a decision to speak up.

"Stitched" comes towards the close of the album, creating a slightly softer rock sound but drawing audience attention through the lyrics and themes. The drums are scaled down in comparison to previous tracks and the guitars flip between clean chords and grittier notes, creating a song that lies on the border of a rock ballad. The lyrics are a prayer; Josh expresses a desire for God to come and rebuild himself into something more. "This is who I am, I was just a broken man - but You knew how the pieces fit before it all began," the chorus declares, asking Him to "take the good and bad" and "stitch up my identity in You."

Legacy is a necessity for fans of gripping, motivating, energizing, and encouraging hard rock. The Protest has gone above and beyond with an album that easily engages listeners - inviting with adrenaline-filled melodies one minute and kicking into unmatched intensity the next. Above all else, the band boldly issues their war cry for Christ in each song. In terms of legacy, The Protest has certainly created a notable one with their latest and greatest.