Hillsong Young & Free's "III" Is An Engaging And Joyful Worship Collection

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

Youth-led worship group Hillsong Young & Free is back with a new addition to their award wining praise and worship collection. Presenting their first studio album, III is everything listeners have come to love about Y&F. Each song is packed with praise and encouragement, engaging listeners with upbeat sounds and a clear passion for Christ. Hillsong Y&F goes above and beyond the call with III, a collection sure to become a fan favorite.

A welcoming and encouraging note of surrender opens the album. "Let Go" wastes no time developing an upbeat melody with keyboard, electronics, and light percussion. Immediately, listeners are drawn into the album and led into a mindset of focus on the Savior. "So I let go and I let love show me life like it's supposed to be," the chorus sings, "He awaits us … now I've found life!"

Worship kicks into gear with "Just Jesus," a track that mellows out with a calm, driving melody and soft vocals. Flowing synths and chimes play at low notes while bass-riding beats gently propel the rhythm along. Lyrics describing the goodness of God and how He is the only thing we need encourage listeners to focus on Him throughout the song's runtime. "Nothing else, just Jesus - the Way, the Truth, the Life," the simple yet effective chorus proclaims.

"Heart of God" goes into more detail, describing the magnificence of the Savior. Low and gentle notes form the melody, creating a massive and majestic sound that is quickly elevated by slowly rising notes and a crescendo's worth of percussion. All gives way to prominent piano notes across the chorus, giving the words attention and amplifying their effect. The lyrics describe God's mercy and kindness, His heart towards the people He sent His Son to save.

Another track of praise adapts a classic verse with a moment of testimony. "Jesus Loves Me" pauses the predominant electronic sounds for a more classic arrangement, revolving around acoustic guitar and vocals. The melody pulls the listener's focus to the lyrics, words that describe the love of the Savior. It's a simple but effective reminder: "Yes, Jesus loves me - and His love won't forsake me, I know."

Sure to be a staple in praise and worship, III is a triumph for Hillsong Young & Free. Each song is packed with joy and passion for Christ, creating a worship album sure to inspire and encourage listeners. It's the band at its best yet and it's sure to continue resonating with its audiences - III is a must-listen.