Jasmine Murray Boldly Proclaims God's Love With 'Fearless'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

There are a few different words to describe Jasmine Murray's latest work - joyful, enthusiastic, and bold. Fearless lives up to its name, captivating listeners with upbeat and gospel-driven songs that motivate and encourage. It's a fantastic addition to her musical collection and is sure to engage listeners wherever they are.

Kicking off the album on an upbeat and joyful note is "No Other Love," an introduction to Jasmine's latest. Keyboard notes and electronic pulses build the melody across the verses, accelerating and adding drums throughout the chorus. Enthusiastic vocals drive themes of God's ever-present love, powerfully projected by Jasmine. "You made this soul to love You - carefully, wonderfully, faithfully!" she sings.

The title track quickly follows, continuing the celebration. "Fearless" puts a bit more focus on the percussion and subtle strings, joining the upbeat electronics sound. The result is a confident melody backed by bold and unrestrained lyrics as Jasmine describes the courage that comes with knowing God. "I wanna be fearless," Jasmine sings, "because I believe You're with me now." It's a motivating reminder of the courage that only God can provide.

"Every Step" pauses for a moment of hindsight in the album. Piano notes play amidst blending keyboard, soft drums, and subtle electronics to build a thoughtful and moving melody. This is a song about testimony, with thankful lyrics delivered by Jasmine. They describe God's presence at every step of our lives, developing an encouraging anthem.

The album closes on a hopeful, forward-looking note with "The Rest Of My Life." An energetic and joyful beat combines with electronic chimes, with passionate strings to bring the sound - and the album - to a climax. Complementing the themes of hindsight and fearlessness, the song describes a desire for God to carry on "the rest of my life," giving Him control of everything. "All things new, I am trusting you," Jasmine declares, describing the new life that He provides.

All in all, Fearless is an enjoyable and engaging album. Filled with enthusiastic moments of joy that lead into moments of reflection, Jasmine delivers a collection of songs guaranteed to meet listeners wherever they are. Fearless has a lot to offer for its audiences, making it well worth a full listening.