Lincoln Brewster's 'God Of The Impossible' Beautifully Describes The Power Of God

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

Renowned musician Lincoln Brewster has seen firsthand how Christ works - defying expectations even in the darkest of moments. That's the message of God Of The Impossible, an album that celebrates the power and love of the Savior. Energetic and enthusiastic moments collide with encouraging lyrics, engaging listeners and reminding them of the majesty of God.

The album awakens with an upbeat and joyful sound - an introduction that carries its energy through drums, electric guitar, and traces of tambourine and keyboard notes. "Deep Down" is a hopeful celebration; Lincoln holds back the sound for the verses as his lyrics describe the goodness of God, then immediately unleashes in the chorus' melody. He accents the joy with bold and bright electric guitar chords, further amplifying lyrics that describe the depths of Christ's love.

This sort of hopefulness carries over into "Turn It Around," a song that describes how God can redeem any crushing situation. Lincoln's signature guitar propels the melody, adding keyboard notes and softening the drums ever so slightly across each verse. The melody amplifies the message as the song drops to lower, quieter places and rises again to a bright finish. "You make a way when there's no way out - You turn it around!" Lincoln sings, an expression of God's faithfulness.

"And even in the dark, when I'm undone," Lincoln sings in the following track, "… Lord, I'll worship Your name." "While I Wait" pauses the joyful and bright themes to pave the way for reflection. The piano notes and strings certainly express the sense of being undone - but not without resolution. In fact, the lyrics still radiate with patient hope and resonate with listeners who need encouragement.

The album ends with a praise and worship anthem - an appropriate note to end the collection. The drums and clapping set a foundation for skillfully executed electric guitar chords and subtle electronic synths. This is a melody that beautifully captures both enthusiasm and awe, a delicate balance not often made in worship music. The lyrics carry this aspect further, describing the majesty and incredible power of God - and how "there is no one like our God."

God Of The Impossible is a worship album certainly worth repeated listening. Lincoln Brewster's sincere passion for Christ fuels every note and lyric on every track. The result is an encouraging and worship-filled collection of songs guaranteed to captivate listeners. They're powerful reminders of just how powerful the Savior truly is - and how He defies what we call "impossible."