Sanctus Real's 'Changed' Is The Perfect Album For Both The Joyful And The Weary

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

When God changes a life, everything shifts - and Sanctus Real knows that experience very well. The beloved band has seen God's hand move in their music, their lineup, and their circumstances. Changed, their newest collection, tackles these themes with a fantastic mix of upbeat and contemplative tracks. Singing of God's strength and safety, Sanctus Real's latest album reminds listeners just how good the Savior truly is.

changedsanctusrealThe band does not give listeners a chance to ease into the album, kicking off the upbeat celebration with "Your Love Is Loud." Steady drums, energetic guitar chords, and bright chimes compose the melody, starting the album on a motivating note. A choir of voices builds to the peaks of each chorus, leading the upbeat and loud exclamation of joy. This is a song of testimony, singing of God's goodness and love. "Your love is loud …" sings the chorus, "it's like a song of victory … it sings my redemption!"

"Safe In My Father's Arms" continues with the themes of God's love, taking a step back to create a more comforting sound. The drums are reduced to the background while upbeat yet stable guitar chords mesh with keyboard notes - it's safe and secure. Melody and lyrics mesh well to express the safety and peace that are found in God. "All the broken, all the lonely … all the wounded, all the weary can find strength in the Savior's love," the bridge proclaims, an encouraging reminder of the relief He offers.

"Confidence" follows shortly afterward. The tone shifts from celebration to prayer, emphasized by the keyboard notes that dominate the melody. Drums confidently support and electric guitar chords accent the chorus. That's the point where the song shifts from a plea to a confident proclamation of the courage that God gives. "Lord, be my defense," the chorus cries out, "so I can face my giants with confidence."

The album draws to a close with a note of worship. "My Hope Is In The Lord" presents a calmer, more contemplative atmosphere to tie together the album's themes. Acoustic guitar and piano notes build the melody, creating a gentle yet moving melody. Its lyrics express the chaos of the world and the security in knowing God, wrapping it all up with a reminder of eternity. "I'd rather hear one simple phrase from my Father's loving voice than to hear the praise of strangers - my hope is in the Lord."

There's a lot to love about Changed - Sanctus Real has gone above and beyond the call with their music. The album breaks down a single thought - change - into a motivating and encouraging blend of tracks. It's an album for the joyful, for the hurting, for the weary, and for the rested. Without hesitation, Changed is well worth listening.