Vertical Worship's 'Bright Future Bold Faith' Is A Majestic Moment Of Worship

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0 / 5] 

Vertical Worship's music plays right into the name - upwards, towards God, describing His majesty and immensity. Their latest work, Bright Future Bold Faith, is certainly no exception - a great follow-up to their previous record of live albums. Bringing together a series of live-recorded praise and worship tracks for a moment of adoration, the Vertical Worship team creates a fantastic collection filled with awe and adoration.

The collection opens with a soft yet rising introduction, brought by "Open The Gates." Keyboard notes and electronic notes drive the melody, with supporting drums and chimes to add extra energy. Add in the vocals and clapping of a live audience and the album kicks into gear. The song's lyrics are an invitation to worship, a prayer for God to come and enter and be glorified.

Turning to worship, "Hallelujah Amen" slows the pace for a moment of adoration. A slow and massive sound is created through guitar, keyboard, and pounding drums, expressing the magnitude of the Creator and Savior. These are the themes prevalent in the lyrics, expressing worship and awe of who God is. "For the Lord God Almighty reigns, Hallelujah, amen!" the chorus sings, a simple declaration of God's majesty.

Defense and protection dominate the album across tracks such as "Over All I Know" and "My Defense," resurging in the subtle yet powerfully driven "Strength Of My Life." Majesty combines a gently rising, massive sound with "All Hail The King," leading into an upbeat celebration of His character in "After Your Heart." It's not a worship epiphany, but there's a song for a wide variety of praise-filled themes in this vast collection.

"Shelter" brings these themes to a closure, creating a moment of contemplation towards the close of the collection. Gentle, echoing keyboard and a stadium of worshiping voices dominate the melody, drawing in gentle chimes and a soft beat for support. It's a comforting and safe sound, supporting similar-feeling lyrics. "There's nothing left to fear in the shelter of Your presence, in the shadow of Your wings, I am safe," the chorus declares, beautifully describing God's promise and protection.

Bright Future Bold Faith doesn't leave listeners wondering how said faith and future could possibly work out. Every song is a praised-saturated reminder, a worshipful moment, a celebration of God's majesty and sovereignty. A worthy addition to the Vertical Worship discography, their latest is certainly worth the listening.