Hawk Nelson Successfully Overcomes Adversity To Deliver Encouragement Through ‘Miracles’

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

Well-known for smash hits like “Live Like You’re Loved” and “Drops In The Ocean,” foursome band Hawk Nelson is releasing their eighth and latest studio album on April 6. Entitled Miracles, the 10-track album encompasses a project that was not only challenging at times but also was three years in the making. According to frontman Jon Steingard, Miracles was the group’s “most hard-fought record” for a multitude of reasons - from band member health complications, growing families, and expanding passions and callings, to the unique challenge of producing a follow up after their personal record-setting success with Diamonds which released in 2015.

miraclesalbumAbout the project, bassist Daniel Biro shares, “We’re just like, 'Is this something that God’s going to use?' And I think He has and will. God has always been in the business of surprising us, and it’s when we reach our end that He often shows up. He still is doing miracles, big and small, and this album Miracles is proof of it.” Despite their challenges and a three year wait, listeners will definitely be pleased. This album uses catchy melodies along with honest, lyrical conversation to facilitate encouragement and praise.

The band elaborates on their inspiration in “He Still Does (Miracles).” The track begins with a choral and piano introduction that builds in framework, becoming pulsed, rhythmic and energetic. The lyrics remark of the miracles and ways God moved in Biblical times and, though it can sometimes be hard to recognize, the truth that He is currently moving in every life in present day. Part way through the track, a vocally focused bridge makes way into a rallying and uplifting celebration of hope. It’s no surprise that this single has already become a radio hit.

The band’s message of encouragement continues in “No Such Thing.” This track uses strong, harmonized vocals and a chorus with an easy and inviting groove. Alongside the inviting groove glows an inviting message - there is nothing God can’t fix and heal, and there is no person He can’t set free. This track serves as an example of Hawk Nelson’s talent of using catchy melodies and well-crafted, accessible lyrics to speak truth directly from the speakers to the heart, proclaiming: “There’s no such thing as hopeless for a believer. There’s no such thing as broken for our Redeemer.”

Relatable lyrics continue as the band draws a parallel between life and gravity, likening the way God rescues us from our failings to the function of a parachute. A raw and reflective song, “Parachute” acknowledges our brokenness and is a plea to God for his saving grace. Reinforcing their upbeat spoken message in their music, Hawk Nelson utilizes fun, synthesized tones that provide popping rhythmic accompaniment in songs such as “Weightless” and “Never Let You Down,” while the latter also features a lovely harmonic bridge with a female vocalist. Both tracks reflect attitudes of faith and positivity to celebrate the joy and freedom we experience through God’s promises.

Though the band experienced challenges while forging the path following their previous record, it is evident that Miracles will continue to lead them down a successful road and will connect more people to God through the music and worship they create. Their extremely catchy beats and honest lyrics are hard to resist, and there is no doubt multiple tracks from this album will find their way onto radio’s top hits and into listeners’ favorite playlists.

Can’t wait for the release of Miracles? Visit hawknelson.com for more information regarding stops for their current tour, "An Evening With Hawk Nelson & Colton Dixon," featuring special guest artist Sarah Reeves.