'Future' By Jordan Feliz Drowns Out Worry With God's Goodness

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.8 / 5] 

They say joy is contagious; if that's the case, Jordan Feliz is clearly infected. Within just a few beats of his new release, Future, it's clear that this is the mark of an enthusiastic and passionate artist who has seen God moving in incredible ways. Jordan stretches his musical arsenal between the past and future, taking themes of worry and uncertainty and casting them in the light of Christ's power. The result is an incredibly encouraging and motivating album, one to give listeners confidence in the Future as God continues to move.

futureThe opening track, "Witness," has had incredible pre-release success, climbing the charts and captivating listeners. It's not entirely surprising - the upbeat electronics and energetic percussion draw attention while Jordan's passionate vocals deliver an encouraging, resonating message. Inspired by battles with struggles and worries, Jordan sings of God's faithfulness in such hard times. "Your love is like a fountain in a river run dry," he passionately cries, "… can I get a witness?" This is the song that sets off the album on a good note, immediately engaging listeners and teasing the themes to come.

Jordan's catchy, energetic sounds drive the lyrics and the celebrations of the following songs. "Count That High" builds from the opener, describing the magnitude of God's power and the difficulty in understanding just what He can do. "Faith" tackles the latter part - believing in God despite the difficulty - while slowing down for a moment with a heavy gospel influence in the melody and background vocals. "Remember your Rescue is standing beside you," Jordan sings towards the track's close, a powerful reminder that catches the ear across a beautifully paused bridge.

With such joy in what his Savior has done, there's no surprise that Jordan presents a track filled with confidence in what lies ahead. Energetic and upbeat sounds drive the title track, "Future," crafting a catchy beat that intertwines with bright guitar notes and passionate background vocals. "My eyes are lifted to Heaven's light - Your plans are perfect, You can do no wrong," Jordan sings, "so I'll cast all my cares until they're gone!" It's an appropriately confident and catchy track, filled with confidence in the only One who can guarantee the future.

"Blank Canvas" bookends the album, looking again to the future with a comforting note. Blending keyboard notes run behind heavy drumbeats, accented by piano and background vocals that create a calming close. It's an incredibly encouraging moment, with lyrics so gentle and powerful they stick in the mind long after the melody ends. "Every day is a blank canvas for you, from the God who makes all things new," Jordan sings, confident in his Savior's unending mercy.

Stressed? Worried? Joyful? Give Future a listen and prepare to put the songs on repeat. Jordan Feliz presents an incredibly sincere and passionate album, with tracks to which listeners can easily relate. Upbeat sounds and a motivating atmosphere take the album from enjoyable to enthusiastic, making it impossible to think about anything else but just how good God truly is. Quite simply, Future is a winner, guaranteed to be a fan favorite if it isn't already.