River Valley Worship's 'Million Lifetimes' Declares God's Limitless Grace

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

The newly-signed River Valley Worship leads a live audience in a moment of praise and worship - fueled by a single truth that amplifies the truth of their music. "We live in a broken world that will always need an anthem to rise above the brokenness," lead Ryan Williams describes in an interview. "Let’s be brave enough to sing about the darkness and sing that dark straight to the light of Jesus.” Not only does River Valley Worship deliver an album packed with boldness and courage, but one filled with passion, adoration, and thankfulness that all centers around Jesus Christ. Million Lifetimes is an excellent start for the River Valley team, a worship album that engages listeners and drives worship.

The album opens on a joyful note with "Chain Reaction." Immediately, listeners join the crowds of celebrating, clapping worshippers as keyboard, drums, and faint guitar develop the melody. Each chorus builds into a prayer for God's presence and work in our lives, sincerely desiring more of Him. "I know You're moving in my world, a chain reaction," the chorus expresses, describing the limitless power of the Savior.

Where "Chain Reaction" energetically looks ahead, "All This Time" calmly looks back. In this melody, the focus turns to keyboard notes and electronic accents, slowing the tempo and showcasing thousands of praise-filled voices. Though the song yields an electronic breakdown, the pace and atmosphere steady for a flowing song. Testimony is the key theme; testaments proclaiming how God has worked in our lives, "still after all this time" as the chorus expresses.

Praise transitions to worship in "Hope Has A Name." Built from keyboard notes, faint percussion, and a strong vocal presence, the song gently moves along and takes listeners through a moment of adoration. The crowd joins the lead across the choruses, infusing the moment with even more sincerity and momentum. Triumphant lyrics describe the Savior simply yet fully: "Hope has a Name, His Name is Jesus … Christ be praised, I have victory!"

The collection closes with a powerful track, one described by the band itself as "always … relevant." "World Needs Jesus" turns from the praise and worship focus to make a bold and necessary statement. Electric guitar and keyboard dominate the melody as light snare drums accent the sound. The lyrics describe a world in chaos, contrasted with a Savior who is entirely in control and who will one day make all things right. "We know our world needs Jesus … so give us eyes to see the hurt and broken," the chorus prays, a plea for Him to give power and strength to be lights in this world.

The songs of Million Lifetimes paint themes of hindsight and anticipation. River Valley Worship continually declares what God has done and what God will do, tying it all together with a powerful and necessary message about a world that so desperately needs Him now. Add engaging melodies and the encouraging sounds of thousands of souls glorifying the Savior; the result is an encouraging, joyful album well worth the listening.