The Rock Music Evokes A Sense Of Worship With 'Your Love Remains'

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0/5]

The Rock Music is an independent movement of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise. On March 16th, The Salt Lake City worship team out of The Rock Church released their new album. Your Love Remains is the group’s 3rd studio album on DREAM Worship. The songs are ethereal and deeply worshipful. Filled with sparkly guitars, heartfelt vocals, dream­like synths, and silvery themes – the music draws each listener into an experience of worship through lyrics and melody. Filled with longing and intimacy, Your Love Remains captures the adoration of Jesus Christ. It is the yearning response of worship and confident conviction in the goodness of God

yourloveremainsThe album kicks off with "How Long Must I Wait," a track with heavy drums and bass lines. The main vocals eventually start, repeating throughout the name of this track. This enjoyable song transitioned nicely to the remainder of the album. "Good To Me" takes listeners on a journey of worship. The vocals and slow synthetic rhythm help to point to the heavens toward God in worship. 

The vocals in "Here's My Heart" are particularly fitting to the mood the song evokes. This track builds toward the bridge throughout the verses and choruses. The following few tracks also align with pulling one's attention to God in a spirit of worshipping Him.  

"Open Your Eyes" starts right in with main vocals and keyboards. This track pulls a slightly different momentum than the surrounding sounds, with the lyrical climax to "open our eyes to see Jesus" as sung by a vocal choir. This vocal group makes a reappearance in "Thank You For Jesus" to declare the heartfelt lyrics: "Most of all, thank you Father. Thank you for Jesus.". 

Overall, this album takes listeners on a worshipful experience from track to track. While at times, the production mix might have been a bit unbalanced, the lyrics were able to refocus and settle any distractions. Your Love Remains is recommended for those with an interest in worshipful rock music. To listen to the album and find out more about The Rock Music, visit their website.