Passion Presents Its Best Worship Album Yet With 'Whole Heart'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

Thousands of worshipping souls gather to worship the Savior every year at the annual Passion worship conferences. Both in live and recording forms, the experiences have inspired thousands with powerful and impactful music that drives the focus to God and His goodness. This year's album is certainly no exception. Passion delivers a powerful and encouraging collection in Whole Heart, assembling a fantastic worship team to lead a mixture of original tracks and favorites.

wholeheart passion

The pre-released title track "Whole Heart" opens the album, led by Kristian Stanfill. Electric guitar, keyboard, and drums carry the song throughout its flowing melody, with the vocals of thousands of worshipping believers across the choruses. It serves as a perfect opener, inviting listeners to worship and praise. Themes of God's grace and free giving abound across the verses, celebrating how God does not hold back His love.

Kristian leads "God You're So Good," a track that pauses for a moment of reflection. Soft guitar notes lead the melody while gentle keys and light percussion accent the song. The musical focus rests on the vocals, with Melodie Malone adding her voice to accent the verses. As with all tracks across the live recording, an entire choir of believers supply their voices to create a massive sound. The song's lyrics across the choruses are simple: "God, You're so good." Throughout each verse, however, the track details just how God truly is - focusing on His sacrifice and "what Calvary has bought for me, now and forever."

Farther along is "Great Are You Lord," where worship artist Matt Redman leads the crowd in the beloved song. Gentle guitar chords develop the melody as keyboard notes accent; however, it is the lyrics that dominate the sound of the song. Even as the drums enter and provide a constant beat, it is in the lyrics and voices that the song slowly crescendos and develops. The chorus is a beautiful note of adoration: "It's Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise to You." To hear thousands of believers passionately proclaim this truth is a phenomenal experience, beautifully captured in this track.

To close the collection, Tauren Wells and David Crowder join the team for "All My Hope." This track changes in tone from the rest of the songs, with more accented piano notes and electric guitar chords across the song. Tauren's brighter vocals mesh well with Crowder's deeper voice as both drive the lyrics. They speak of God's faithfulness and placing hope in Him, a testimony to His goodness and a fantastic way to tie together the album's themes.

Passion has raised the bar with Whole Heart, creating an engaging album with encouraging tracks and inspiring, reflective moments. This project has brought together a fantastic team of artists and leaders who have poured their hearts into the event and these songs. Most of all, the album beautifully accomplishes what it sets out to do - to glorify Christ and celebrate His love. Whole Heart drives this theme, creating a moment to worship with whole hearts the One who gives freely from His whole heart.