Nothing Less Than Joy In Brad + Rebekah's 'Sound Of Heaven'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

"Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard," yet we know heaven is a place where praising God saturates everything. Husband-and-wife worship team Brad and Rebekah capture that sense, that atmosphere, in their latest collection. It is the result of four years of prayer, ministry, writing, and development, crafting twelve enjoyable and enriching tracks. Sound of Heaven is a beautiful, bright, and joyful worship collection that engages, encourages, and comforts listeners with each track.

Sound of Heaven introduces itself with a joyous and upbeat note, a fitting opener for the album. Bright chimes and keyboard notes are driven by bass drum and light percussion, rising across the choruses with a choir of voices. Brad joyfully leads the vocals to the track, extending an invitation to come and worship. The theme - the "sound of heaven" - is simply expressed; in the presence of God, there's the praise and celebration of His saints.

Another highlight of the album is "No Greater Name," a track that continues the grateful tone of the opening number with a focus on victory and God's strength. The melody shifts with electric guitar, snare drums, and more pronounced keyboard, creating a flowing sound that rises and falls subtly across the song. Rebekah sings across the track with a powerful, bright, and passionate voice that drives the declaration of God's greatness - that there is nothing greater than the name of Christ.

A moment of reflection follows, encapsulated in "Never Alone." Brad and Rebekah describe this song as having a special place in their hearts, written in response to ministering to orphans in Uganda. In fact, a choir of children's voices joins Brad across the track, as he sings of the ultimate Father. Amidst soaring piano notes, he describes the constant presence of God, how we "are never alone, not for a moment." It's a beautiful piece that plays into the themes of heaven - the constant, loving presence of the Father.

The album closes with "Sing," a song that ends Sound of Heaven as it began - with an enthusiastic expression of praise. It's as if Brad and Rebekah could no longer contain the celebration, deciding to unleash it with an upbeat and moving mixture of guitar, keyboard, electronic synths, drums, and clapping. An ocean of vocals joins Brad across the chorus, driving the urge to raise voices and praise the Savior. "From the depths of my soul," Brad leads across the bridge, "let Your praise overflow!"

“What is the Sound the of Heaven? It's the people of God," Brad and Rebekah explain. It's a theme that's evident in every track across the album - the praise and worship of God through His saints. The songs on Sound of Heaven move between joy and awe seamlessly, with beautiful melodies and rich vocals that drive the lyrics to the heart. All in all, Brad + Rebekah's latest is a must-listen.