Brooke Robertson Delivers Songs For The Journey Toward Christ On 'Have My Heart'

Review rating: Catch It On The Radio! [4.0 / 5] 

Brooke Robertson, a Louisiana based singer songwriter, releases her debut EP, Have My Heart, on January 5th. Her four songs, co-written with Jeremy Holderfield of Seventh Day Slumber, bring listeners into a place of worship and encourage them to “rely on God’s plans and not their own.” Robertson’s lyrics focus on “giving everything over to[God]" as we embark on the “journey of discovering God’s purpose for [our] live[s].”

havemyheartThe title track, “Have My Heart,” speaks of experiencing God even in the darkest night. The lyrics, “my heartbeat is a token of your love for me,” draw attention of the little things we take for granted that are actually beautiful demonstrations of God’s work in our lives. The song has a light and almost playful sound, produced mostly by acoustic guitar. It opens the album well with a feel-good sound and worshipful lyrics.

“Back To Shore” focusses more on the difficult times on the journey to following God’s plan. The music is similarly simple with added electric guitar and more driving drums. Again, the musical simplicity draws special attention to powerful lyrics like, “don’t let me forget the sorrow […] The same waves that held me under are the waves that led me back to shore.”

“Cannot Be Moved” is a song of defiance against the stumbling blocks on our journeys. The source of this strength is God who is our “strong tower, the one that [we] run to.” For “when [our] hope is in [him], [we] cannot be moved.” Carried by electric guitar and drums, “Cannot Be Moved” is noticeably more upbeat than the other songs on the album, and the chorus is immediately catchy -- listeners will be happy to have it quickly stuck in their heads.

“I Am Yours” closes the album with its powerful lyrics which describe the wonder of belonging to the God of all creation. The lyrics, “I know you mean it when you say I could never explain the depths of your love […] There’s no other one I belong to; I am yours,” express the awe felt at discovering the love God has for us. The song’s quieter spaces are filled with quiet pads and synth, giving the song a breathy feel -- the dynamics moving smoothly from beginning to end.

Have My Heart is beautifully simple and powerful. The lyrics articulate the joys and struggles that come with journeying towards Christ, and the music accentuates those themes beautifully. Have My Heart is an album you won’t want to miss, and I am sure we will be seeing great things from Brooke Robertson in the future.