Jeremy Riddle's 'More' Inspires Awe And Adoration

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

Jeremy Riddle has served as a worship leader across twelve albums and fourteen years. Since Beautiful Jesus, he has written countless praise and worship songs that have become beloved favorites. With the release of More, Jeremy presents twelve new tracks with themes of awe, wonder, and the presence of Christ - songs certain to impact listeners and bring them to a place of adoration.

morejeremyriddleThe album opens with the title track, "More." Predominantly electronic in nature, the melody creates a calm atmosphere that easily transitions to an upbeat mixture of drums and guitar. Its lyrics are a description of the presence of God - a phenomenon that satisfies like nothing else can, yet leaves us with a desire for more of Him. While the lyrics describe a place where the Savior is all that matters, the melody is distracting and far too active for the song to cohesively flow. Different electronic pings and sound bites are scattered across the song and grate on the ears, lessening the track's effect. Regardless, "More" is a lyrically good start to the collection.

Following is "It Only Gets Stronger," a track that softens the electronics and brings acoustic strings into play. Building across the verses and escalating through the choruses, the melody moves from quiet and calm to large and excited, all while generating senses of awe, comfort, and wonder. Jeremy sings of Christ's love, how "it only gets stronger" as we walk with Him. He describes Christ's overwhelming presence, melting away fear and sorrow with His glory. A second version of this track is included in the album, where the acoustic elements are enhanced and the electronics reduced to emphasize the themes of peace all the further.

"All Hail King Jesus" dials back the experimental sounds to create a calm and contemplative place of worship. The upbeat pops and synths are replaced with gentle keyboard and guitar chords, creating an atmosphere of majesty and magnitude. Themes of magnificence are present as the lyrics describe the death, resurrection, victory, and glory of Christ, climaxing with rising instrumentals and a grand melody. Undoubtedly one of the strongest tracks of the record, "All Hail King Jesus" creates a fantastic worship experience.

Farther along comes the worship track "Holy Ground." Keyboard, gentle guitar, and even orchestral strings build a calm place of magnificence and glory - melodically painting the title into the song. All is calm and filled with wonder. Its lyrics express worship and awe of God, refreshed in His presence as praise is delivered "on holy ground."

More is a lyrically strong collection, developing themes of adoration and awe intertwined with desire and passion for Christ's presence. Melodically, however, the album often feels distracted, disengaging listeners with sounds that draw listeners into the worshipful mood of the collection only to eject with off-putting electronics. Many tracks, however, present beautiful melodies that provide the perfect backdrop for contemplative lyrics. There are many majestic moments in More and fantastic songs that leave impact far beyond the album's closing.