Cameron Moore’s 'Alpenglow' Wrestles With Light And Dark

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0 / 5]

23-year-old Cameron Moore releases his new full-length album, Alpenglow, on January 26th. The songs on this collection wrestle with darkness and light, ultimately celebrating that a new day always begins with a sunrise. Each song has a musically rich sound, and the lyrics are poetic and full of imagery, making this a stand out sophomore record.

alpenglowCameron begins the album with “Alpenglow Part 1” and closes it with “Alpenglow Part 2.” Both songs begin with the same chord progression and feel. But at a short 2:11, “Part 1” feels like an introduction – both to the album, and to “Part 2”. The latter is structurally more like a full-length song. The reverb-heavy guitar sound in both songs sets the tone for the rest of the album, and the lyrics of both parts act as bookends for the album. “Part 1” marks the beginning of a journey into the darkness with the lyrics, “Despite the rain coming down / You said it’d wash away / When the light fades / Who knew I’d wash away / When the dark came / And the dark came.” Part two celebrates coming again into the light, wakening with new determination to “[ride] on into the winter / To follow / Wherever that road leads.”

Storm-like imagery shows up in more than one song on the album, and “Rain” takes a deeper dive into what Moore uses that imagery to represent. The chorus lyrics, “I’ve tried to find a way / To celebrate But I know there will come a day / When the skies break / And rain,” act as a reminder that even when we see no reason for joy, the rain will eventually fall, and bring relief to the “pain filled drought.”

“Warfare” comes toward the second half of the album, and its lyrics reflect a change in the writer’s perspective of the journey. The verse lyrics begin with, “In a wasteland all alone the trees have long since gone from me / I carry on the baggage strong on the shoulders underneath / The heat rages on, the desert song, makes life so cloudy / But I can see the end, my friend, and maybe then I’ll see.” It is a song of perseverance, of pressing on even when one would rather not. Accompanying the lyrics of perseverance, is the driving feel the music brings. The song ends with full drums and guitar that build out of the final chorus and become more and more full before finally fading out.

Alpenglow shows a maturity both lyrically and musically beyond what one would expect from such a young artist. The album has a unity to it, produced by musical consistency and flow from one song to another. With a fresh sound and inspiring lyrics, Alpenglow is a great way to bring in the New Year.