Casting Crowns 'It’s Finally Christmas' Feels Like A Holiday Homecoming

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0 / 5] 

Casting Crowns’ It’s Finally Christmas is now available. The Grammy-award winning band enters this holiday season with five original songs and one Christmas classic on their new holiday EP. Casting Crowns ushers listeners into the Christmas spirit by taking them on a journey of faith through the filter of holiday music. The band hopes to give listeners “a new perspective” through which to view their faith this Christmas.

itsfinallychristmas“It’s Finally Christmas” begins the album with nostalgic lyrics about the coming of Christmas. Sweet lyrics like “Daddy’s on a mission to find the perfect tree, the smell of cookies baking, that could only mean one thing,” and endearingly comical lyrics like “Grandpa falls asleep while Grandma tells of days of old,” set the home-y tone for the rest of the album to the music of piano, strings, and guitar.

“Somewhere In Your Silent Night” puts some of the classic lyrics of “Silent Night” in a new light – one that encourages the hearts that feel stuck “somewhere in [their} silent night[s].” The down-tempo song, carried by piano, gently sings the truths that “Heaven hears the song your broken heart has cried. Hope is here,” and “Immanuel will meet you where you are.”

“Make Room,” featuring Matt Mahar, tells the Christmas story of the “family hiding from the storm [that] found no place at the keeper’s door,” and of “the savior king who had no home.” The chorus asks a simple question that is often forgotten in the busyness of the holiday season: “Is there room in your heart for God to write his story?” The song stays musically simple, but three-part harmonies sing together throughout the song, filling the song and giving it depth.

The songs on It’s Finally Christmas live up to what we would expect from Casting Crowns. The band's signature sound comes through in every song, so Casting Crowns fans will find something familiar on the album, which contributes to the overall “home for Christmas” feel of the EP. You’ll definitely want to add It’s Finally Christmas to your holiday listening and hear the songs live on Casting Crowns’ Christmas tour with for KING AND COUNTRY.