Beautiful Eulogy Inspires Awe And Adoration With 'Worthy'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.9 / 5]

There's no single word to describe Beautiful Eulogy's work. There's rap, but there are also more classical verses across the tracks. There's a variety of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds that create a unique sound. There's no specific genre to slap on a label and assign the band, but one thing is certain: their love and passion for Christ are undisputed, undeniable and powerful. Worthy gives listeners a unique sonic experience, packing each track with incredibly crafted lyrics and creative sounds.

"Sovereign" perfectly showcases the unique nature of the album, blending keyboard with soft electronics, a steady rap beat, and the atmosphere of a contemplative worship track. The calming electronic songs mesh with upbeat drums, creating a sort of contrast that somehow brings the melody together for the listener. Its verses are powerful and immediately dive headfirst into massive themes. Half of it is an exclamation of God's power and consistency; the other half lays the case for God's authority in rapped verses, without breaking the flow for even a second.

The sound palette shifts for "Doxology," a different take on the beloved expression of praise. The familiar chorus meets steady beats, keyboard, and piano notes to bring listeners into the track and the attitude of adoration. Beautiful vocals give the chorus an atmosphere of awe and amazement while the rapped verses give a sense of passion and intensity. The lyrics are a combination of personal testimony and biblical truth that meshes with everything else the song beautifully arranges.

"Slain" kicks up the energy and drives the album with a fiercer intensity. The beats step up, impacting ears with resounding power as electronics drive the melody. This is the track on the album that closest fits the rap genre, but it refuses to fall into a box of its own. Sure, the verses are rapidly fired like a musical machine gun and the modulation across the chorus catches a listener's attention, but the powerful lyrics divide the analysis all the further. They juxtapose themes of the need for justice in this world with the reality of God's impending judgment, starting at bases that every side of the debate can start from but finishing it all off with fierce, biblical truth. Is it an easy track to listen to? No. Is it a biblically fueled track that tells it like it is? Absolutely yes.

"Immanuel" builds up to the final track with a mighty crescendo and boldly proclaimed lyrics, launching into the title track "Worthy." It's a grand finale that takes sounds from across the album and arranges it into a powerful melody that somehow restrains itself from completely exploding into a massively uncontainable sound. Its lyrics are the simplest of the lot, but they are nonetheless packed with passion and adoration. "Wisdom, power, and praise, glory, honor, and strength … You are worthy!"

Frankly, Beautiful Eulogy tries some very unorthodox musical techniques that, at face value, seem precarious - but every single time, they make the mark without hesitation. With deep lyrics that simultaneously inspire personal adoration and glorify the Savior, each track has instant replay value just for the sake of hearing that one beautifully crafted verse one more time. Everything blends perfectly - no, everything lines up perfectly without distracting the listener or drowning the ear with a blurred mess. Worthy is incredible in every sense of the word, an astounding collection packed with awe and adoration.