TobyMac’s 'Light Of Christmas' Will Help You Dance Your Way Into The Holiday Season

My Rating: Catch It On The Radio! [4.0 / 5]

If you’ve enjoyed TobyMac’s past Christmas releases, then his new holiday album, Light of Christmas will not disappoint this holiday season. The album has several songs from past albums rerecorded with artists like Owl City, Leigh Nash, Relient K, and JT Daly. These songs are what you would expect from TobyMac – fun, energetic, and catchy. It is the perfect album to help you dance your way into the holiday season.

Relient K joins TobyMac early on in the album with the song, “Can’t Wait For Christmas.” The song celebrates all the nostalgia that comes with anticipating Christmas. TobyMac opens the track with the lyrics, “I love the nights, the trees, the giant parades. I love the snow that falls and covers the earth. I love to sing songs of the Savior’s birth – can’t wait for Christmas.” Matt Thiessen of Relient K follows with some of his Christmas favorites: “The way main street looks at night, the sparkle that [he] sees in everyone’s eyes. The claymation shows take us back in time, and then we watch Elf at minimum twice.” Synth, guitar, drums, and even horns make the energy of the song contagious; you’ll be singing along and dancing from the first listen.

“Christmas This Year” is probably familiar to most listeners, as it has received a good bit of radio play in past years. Again, the song is full of energy, its chorus a kind of declaration: “For Christmas this year, we’re gonna make a sound, we’re gonna make it loud. We’re gonna make some noise; let the world rejoice.” Leigh Nash’s angelic voice cuts through in the bridge as she sings, “Holy, holy, holy. God is coming near. Unto us a Savior is born on a midnight clear.” This one is bound to be a favorite again this year.

The Christmas classic, “The First Noel,” takes on an electric feel in TobyMac's collaboration with Owl City. The lyrics are familiar for most of the song, taken from the original, until a spoken word section where TobyMac wraps the lyrics, “The love You shared, even scared. Oh, the shepherds they were so afraid. You flipped it all on that very first Christmas day, so I'm gonna yell Noel on the streets like a newsie, and sing Emmanuel til this earth gotta lose me.” While this certainly isn’t what you probably typically think of when you hear “The First Noel,” it is a fun celebration of Jesus' coming.

It is likely that Light of Christmas is the most energetic Christmas album you’ll hear this holiday season. Every song has a pop, electric sound and the lyrics are always fun. Overall, Light of Christmas is a fun, feel-good album that you must add to your Christmas collection.