Meredith Andrews 'Receive Our King' Is A Worshipful & Festive Experience

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0 / 5]

It’s almost time to start listening to Christmas music, and Meredith Andrews has just released her new, full-length Christmas album, Receive Our King. This collection includes new recordings of three songs from her previously release EP, Behold the Savior, along with 7 totally new tracks. Meredith had a specific focus during the writing process for the album; she says, “When it came time to make my own Christmas album, I wanted to capture the beauty and wonder of Jesus coming to earth as a baby to rescue the world and to create a project that would deepen the listener’s experience of Christmas.”

receiveourkingAlong with her originals, Meredith included several Christmas classics, one of which is “Hark, The Harold Angel Sings.” Her version is a catchy, upbeat rendition. The chord progression is unique and almost jazzy, bringing new life to an old favorite. And of course, the beloved lyrics, “glory to the newborn King,” are an excellent summary of what every song on this album strives to do – bring glory to our savior.

“He Has Come For Us,” an already popular Christmas song which has received radio play since it was first released in 2015, takes on a different feel on this album. The new recording has a more acoustic, less pop feel, making it fit better with the rest of the songs on Receive Our King. The incorporation of bells in the song contributes to the Christmas feel, as the lyrics express gratefulness and awe at the coming of Jesus “to give us life.”

“Receive Our King” celebrates the coming of Jesus at Christmas time. It is a holiday worship song focusing on the reason we sing at all during Christmas time, making it an appropriate title track for the album. The worshipful lyrics of the chorus say, “Jesus, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Son of God, here with us. We receive our King.” This leads into the powerful bridge as the drums cut to a half-time rhythm and the lyrics proclaim, “Prepare Him room; let the light of the world shine through.”

Receive Our King is a perfect blend of original Christmas songs with some holiday classics reimagined with a creativity and sound only Meredith Andrews can bring. All the while, every song’s focus is the celebration and glory of Jesus. This worshipful, festive experience is the perfect collection to get you into the Christmas spirit.