Christy Nockels’ 'Be Held' Is A Beautiful Reminder Of Our Belovedness As God’s Children

My Rating: Catch It On The Radio [4.0 / 5]

Christy Nockels’ new album, Be Held – Lullabies For The Beloved, became available September 29th. The album differs from Nockels’ previous albums and releases – her most recent being a cover of Housefire’s powerful worship song “Build My Life.” As the title of this new album implies, these songs are lullabies, meant to be sung over children. Christy shares, “this album comes from a deep desire to impart and share what God breathed into me so many years ago, instilling in me an awareness of my beloved-ness that I have never forgotten.” The album contains classic, beloved children’s songs, played in a peaceful, moving collection.

beheld“River Of Grace” is immediately calming, carried by piano, strings, and subtle acoustic guitar. The song picks up just a bit in the chorus with the words, “You weren’t made to carry such a load. Lay it down, and we can watch it go down the river of grace.” Despite its label as a children’s song, the maturity of the song can be felt both musically and lyrically; it can easily be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.

In “How Could I Ask For More” Christy reminisces about the beauty of each season and calls to memory favorite childhood adventures like “Catching fireflies at night, building castles in the sand,” and “Runnin' barefoot through the grass, A little hide and go seek.” These lyrics are accompanied by simple, but beautiful piano as Christy sings over and over again, “Thank you, Lord. How could I ask for more?

“You Have What It Takes” is a song of encouragement, but it becomes especially beautiful when it is put in the context of a mother singing the lyrics to her children. The lyrics, “you can move mountains because you have what it takes… you have what you need, and you have only to believe” are a reminder that in weakness, Christ is our strength. The peaceful guitars accompany the inspiring lyrics to produce a moving and heartfelt song that affirms the power we find in our heavenly Father.

Be Held – Lullabies For The Beloved is certainly geared toward a certain audience – mothers and their children. And while some of the songs are definitely children’s lullabies, a select few of the songs could be found on any acoustic album, and all of the tracks are beautiful when considered from the perspective of God singing over his children – young and old alike. Next time you feel the desire to relax and be reminded of your belovedness as a child of God, definitely reach for Christy Nockels’ new album.