Micah Tyler Champions Being Different In His First Full-Length Album

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Micah Tyler’s new full-length album, Different, will be available on October 20th. The album is Micah’s first full-length record, which follows his six song EP of the same title. The writing process for this album was a personal experience for Micah and "brought to the surface a lot of insecurities [he’s] dealt with [his] entire life.” The title and theme of the album come from a desire for Micah’s “life to look 'different' because of the difference Jesus has made.” He says, “I’m ultimately learning to embrace who God has called and created me to be: Micah."

differentThe title track, “Different,” is a song of prayer for evident transformation. The lyrics ask for change and difference in all parts of one’s life. The verses say, “I don’t want to hear anymore; I want to listen.” The chorus says, "I want to be a fire so bright the whole world can see.” The drums and synth in the original recording become acoustic guitar and strings in the acoustic version of the song, both recordings creating powerful expressions of a heart changed by Christ.

“Never Been A Moment,” the first single from the album, is a song already receiving positive reviews. Its synth-driven energy is layered with electric drums and acoustic and electric guitar. The song’s lyrics serve as a reminder that “no matter where I’m going, there’s never been a moment that I was not loved by you.”

“Story I Tell” is an immediately catchy, acoustic-rock, foot-stomping song. It gives Micah room to show his vocal range as he often moves up into the falsetto or sings out soulful low notes. The song boasts of the story he has to tell because of the way God has moved in his life. All the struggles and redemption Micah has experienced make his story important, even if “nobody knows [his] name.”

Micah Tyler proves he's an artist to watch as he emerges into his own lane with Different. It's an album full of energy and heart that speaks to his passion for music, the world, and Christ. With several tracks that are soon to be radio favorites, Micah champions being Different in a well made collection.