Faith, Hope And Love Repeat In Brandon Heath's Latest Album

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.4 / 5]

With six beloved albums, various awards, and an undeniable love for Christ, Brandon Heath is a favorite amongst many contemporary Christian artists. His albums are packed with encouragement for the hard times in life and reminders of hope beyond the moment. It's no surprise that Faith Hope Love Repeat is more of the same - a collection of tracks that motivates listeners and proclaims the Savior's goodness with upbeat rhythms and engaging tracks. For fans of Heath's work or new listeners, this collection definitely deserves a full listening.

faithhopeloverepeatThe album opens on a light note with "The Future Is Bright," an upbeat and encouraging track that starts the rest of the collection on a good note. Melodic emphasis rests on the electronic sounds and percussion, creating a unique sound that stands out amongst Brandon's discography. Lyrically, the song reminds listeners that the world is just a temporary setback and that Christ will one day right every wrong. "The darker it gets, the brighter the light" Brandon sings across the bridge, a reminder that "faith is (our) sight" and that His word is trustworthy.

"I Run" has a counterintuitively calm sound, composed of light synths and cyclical beats that create a mild yet enduring atmosphere. The chorus picks up in pace and presents a hopeful tone, a common theme across the album both lyrically and melodically. Taking inspiration from the Apostle Paul's words, Brandon sings of his motivation to run the race of life - for the glory of the Savior and to "hear You say 'well done!'" The result: a motivating bit of encouragement fueled by an engaging melody.

Farther along is the title track. Soft piano and tame electronic chimes carry the song, a noticeable contrast from the opening numbers of this album - yet the change of pace is welcome and gives the track a sense of comfort and familiarity. Across the runtime, Brandon sings for his child, describing how to walk through the crazy world and to hope in Christ. "He'll give us everything we need, so have faith, hope, love … repeat" Brandon sings, an affectionate note and a much-needed reminder that our Heavenly Father supplies all that we could ever need. Seeing as the song is written by a father about the Father, the track carries an extra layer of meaning.

Towards the close is "Lighthouse," a song that returns to themes of God's goodness. The melody slows again but the beat picks up with intensity. Percussion and electronics carry the song and create a sense of comfort and confidence. Fitting themes indeed - the lyrics sing of God's faithfulness and steadfastness, describing Him as a lighthouse and a place of refuge. The background vocals and clapping generate a sense of praise and worship, all the further extending the impact of the track.

Faith Hope Love Repeat is certain to become a fan favorite. The tracks are engaging from start to end, with various tones, paces, and themes for listeners at many stages. If anything, it is difficult to listen to this collection without breaking out in a smile, tapping a foot, or joining Brandon for the lyrics. All in all, Faith Hope Love Repeat is a welcome addition to Brandon's discography and certainly a collection listeners will enjoy.