Jeremy Camp’s 'The Answer' Is An Instant Favorite

My rating: Must Listen [4.5 / 5] 

There aren’t many CCM artists who have earned nearly 40 number one radio hits, but Jeremy Camp is among the crowd, and with his recently released 9th studio album, The Answer is likely to add to his impressive radio success. Fans of Camp will hear a familiar style throughout the album in songs like “My Defender” and “Word of Life”, along with some unique, newer sounds on tracks like “Awake Oh Sleeper.” 

theanswer“The Answer” is a powerful title track about finding help, comfort, and strength in Jesus. The song is primarily driven by piano. Drums and guitar join in the chorus, and then the song makes its way into the bridge. Here, Jeremy sings, “For every heart that’s breaking, for every soul that’s shaken, for every sickness, there’s healing in your hands … you are my hope and the rock on which I stand.” This powerful bridge is followed by a full chorus which closes out the song. At 3 minutes and 9 seconds, “The Answer” is one of the shortest songs on the album yet also one of the most impactful.

“My Defender” is a track that will quickly become a radio hit. Its instrumentally simple, low verses explode into strong, rich choruses with a catchy melody and easy to learn lyrics. It has an anthem-like sound as Jeremy sings, “I will not stand alone, ‘cause you’re my defender.” It is fast moving, but well-crafted dynamically, making it one of several instant favorites.

The album closes with a foot-stomping rock song “Wake Oh Sleeper.” The song’s style comes as a bit of a surprise in comparison with the rest of the songs on the album, and even in comparison to what listeners are used to hearing from Jeremy Camp as a whole. The aggressive energy produced by electric guitars and drums accompany lyrics that also diverge from Jeremy’s usual worship, pop style lyrics. The opening lyrics say, “Oh, Abraham would raise his hands and mourn this very day. For his children left the promise land in search of their own way.” The lyrics then follow the southern-rock feel of the music reading, “Chains upon Your children, Lord. Chains.” And then, at last, the chorus is a call for action to rise above the things by which we are chained down: “Do you hear the lion roar? Awake O Sleeper. Stand with me we'll fight the war. Awake O Sleeper.”

Jeremy Camp continues to write music that draws attention to Christ and encourages listeners. Anyone who has loved Jeremy’s past records will find plenty to love about The Answer. It is artfully produced with powerful lyrics, catchy melodies, and often dance-worthy rhythms.