Adoration And Redemption Abound In Matt Redman's 'Glory Song'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.5 / 5]

What will heaven be like? It's a topic far too vast for a single song, let alone a single album to answer, but Matt Redman's latest gives us a hint. It's a place where Christ's glory is inescapable, where pain ceases and the songs of His saints resound - themes present across his music. Glory Song is a beautiful collection of praise and worship songs that teases future glory with captivating melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

glorysongOne of the collection's highlights is the bright and celebratory "Gospel Song." It's as the title describes - a testimony of the good news and a declaration of God's goodness. Electronic chimes combine with guitar and light percussion to create an upbeat melody, one that invites the urge to tap a foot or sing along. Its lyrics borrow from familiar Scripture passages and themes from beloved songs, laying out, as one could guess, the gospel message. Amidst the tracks of this album, "Gospel Song" is sure to become a listener favorite.

"When We All Get To Heaven" is a beautiful and encouraging song filled with hope for eternity and God's presence. Piano dominates the track, developing a simple melody to carry along the lyrics and highlight Matt's vocals. The words are a beautiful description of what it will be like "when we all get to Heaven." Rejoicing, painlessness, the presence of God - the song conveys anticipation for all of the goodness Christ has promised, the glory we will one day witness. The song is a fantastic reminder and incredibly uplifting across its entire runtime.

Closely following is a song that is a little more down to earth - "Redemption Ground." In a fitting contrast to its predecessor, this track turns the focus to Christ's work on the cross. Describing redemption as a holy and triumphant place, Matt proclaims words of praise amidst guitars, light percussion, and a massive keyboard sound that is enlarged by gentle choral notes. "Redemption Ground" treads the line between praise and worship, celebration and adoration, resulting in a well-rounded and engaging track.

Towards the close is a personal song where Matt explores themes of uncertainty and trust. "Questions" continues with the calm pace of the album, placing melodic emphasis on drums and vocals while acoustic guitar and piano build the verses. They demonstrate Christ's faithfulness even when we have unanswered questions or are unsure - "Lord I believe, help my unbelief" Matt quotes as he portrays the struggle to always trust, even when things seem uncertain. It's a wonderfully honest song with a biblical and satisfying resolution.

There's a good variety to Glory Song, with a little something for all kinds of listeners. Themes of glory and heaven blend with earth and redemption, painting a beautiful picture of the Savior. Matt Redman expertly combines captivating and encouraging melodies with glorious lyrics, guaranteeing his latest music will certainly stand aside his greatest music. Rarely can an album so neatly and beautifully hint at the glory of the Savior, making Glory Song well worth the listening experience.