Tim Timmons 'Who I Am' Is A Worship Dance Party For The Whole Family

My Rating: Catch It On The Radio! [4.0 / 5]

Who I Am, Tim Timmon’s second children’s album is now available. The album was inspired by Timmons’s non-profit, 10,000 Minutes, through which he hopes to inspire and encourage people to follow Jesus in every minute of the week. Specifically in Who I Am, Timmons aspired to create songs which answered the question “What do we want our kids to pray?” The songs focus on themes of “identity, gratitude, power over fear, and how to walk with Jesus all week long.” These 10 energetic pop tracks provide the perfect opportunity for parents and their children to spend time worshipping Jesus together.

whoiamThe title track, “Who I Am,” kicks off the album with energy as the opening lyrics are preceded by synth, drums and vocal oh’s. The lyrics are simple, but true. They give listeners the opportunity to proclaim truths like “I am loved,” “I am a child of the one true King,” and “I’m alive because, [God] is living in me”. These are truths we need to be reminded of and proclaim no matter what age we are.

“A Beautiful Thing” celebrates the beauty that is found when we see our identities in Christ. The lyrics marvel at the way God cares for his creation. The chorus, “Your thoughts for me are a beautiful thing,” is catchy and bound to get stuck on a loop in your head. The song draws attention to the personal characteristics of God as one who “knows [our] heart[s]” and is always there with us.

“King of Forever” is energetically driven by electric guitars. The lyrics address the unchanging nature of God, singing, “We are not afraid, ‘cause you’re the same yesterday as you are here in this place. Jesus you’re the king of forever”. In an ever-changing world, this is a powerful reminder to kids that God remains a firm foundation. Timmons excellently presents these truths in a celebratory song that would certainly make for a good family worship dance party.

Who I Am is a celebration of life lived in Christ from the beginning to the end. Every song is high in energy while simultaneously containing deep, heartfelt lyrics to direct listeners in prayer and worship. I have to say, it was not what I expected to hear from an album intended for children. Certainly children will enjoy it, but it is truly an album that can be enjoyed by listeners of any age.