Finding Favour's 'Farewell Fear' Is Fated To Be A Fan Favorite

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.2 / 5]

Finding Favour's Farewell Fear is not just another alliterative album -  it's a fantastic sophomore step for the rising Georgia-based band. They've made a name for themselves, and more importantly for Jesus, with beloved singles like "Cast My Cares" and "Slip On By," and with the pre-release success of "It Is Well," they're poised to take it to the next level. Farewell Fear further develops the Finding Favour sound and is sure to be a beloved staple for current and future listeners.

farewellfearThe album's opener and title track set the stage for an upbeat and bright album. Drums take a prominent place as electric guitar chords gently introduce the next track - "Hallelujah, farewell fear!" The next song, "Get Down," launches, creating a steady yet upbeat melody to drive the lyrics. Background vocals blend with the instruments, picking up the energy and volume. It's a soft rock beat that does not lack energy, propelling powerful lyrics that encourage surrender in times of trouble. "Get down when there's no other way … get down because He wants to hear you on your knees and pray." The intro-opener-track combo pays off, driving the themes of the album and immediately drawing the attention of listeners.

In contrast, "Mountains Must Move" scales back the sound for a moment. Soft electric guitar blends with keyboard and gentle drums, creating a refreshing atmosphere of peace and confidence. This track is a great blend between calming and moving, marching for the verses and flowing for the chorus. The song describes Christ's incredible power and victory, telling of the incredible things He can and will do.

The feeling continues with "Completely," a song saturated with promise. Where there are strings or piano notes, the melody gently carries the listener along; where drums and light percussion enter, the notes rise and the song supports powerful lyrics. Its lyrics are a reminder of Jesus' love and promise of a painless future. Hinting at heaven, the lyrics deliver powerful encouragement: "… and though my heart may stop beating, You will heal me completely."

At an opportune moment, the beat picks up again with "Dance." Though the track opens with a somewhat deceivingly calm start - the song shortly rises into an upbeat melody. Electronic chimes join the keyboard and drums to put some energy back into the collection. Its lyrics encourage listeners to celebrate even in the midst of hard times, knowing that God is still working. The only downside to the track is that it feels as if Finding Favour is holding back a little too much - with many calm songs on the record, the themes get a little lost without an energetic boost to help develop the remainder of the album. Regardless, it's a fantastic addition to the collection.

All in all, Farewell Fear is a good step for the band. It fleshes out the Finding Favour sound, develops their discography with some fantastic tracks, and proclaims the power of God over troubles, pain and fear. The themes and lyrics are encouraging and motivating, wrapping it all together into an enjoyable listening experience. Without a doubt, Finding Favour's future looks bright and Farewell Fear's fate is set as a fan favorite.