Travis Greene’s New Release Is A Beautiful Reminder Of Our Ever-Present Hope

My Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.0 / 5]

Travis Greene, leader of Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina, strives continually to unite God’s people through the message of Christ. Travis' latest release, Crossover: Live from Music City, fully conveys his passion and energy for Jesus. The songs themselves are powerful, but the feel captured in the live recording magnifies the significance of the lyrics and the intentionality of the music.

crossoverThe title track, “Crossover,” is an anthem of freedom. The first part of the song feels a bit lacking in musicality despite the strong lyrics, “our past behind us, nothing can stop us now as we crossover to your promise.” The bridge, however, picks up with synth and a chorus of voices singing out: “There are no chains on the other side. We’re crossing over, over.” The song appropriately titles the album as it sings of hope; it does not ignore the darkness, but sings about overcoming it.

“You Waited” is a fan favorite, as evidenced by the cheer coming from the crowd as Travis announces its beginning. The song feels loose and free, flowing from one verse to the other without a typical song structure. Travis conveys this freedom as he sings – his smile can be heard in his voice, and he laughs as he sings the words, “You sat down to speak to me.” The song grows in strength as the question, “Where would I be if you left me, God? is answered with the joy-filled reply, “You waited for me.”

“Love Will Always Win” comes toward the end of the album as another declaration of hope. Driven by acoustic guitar, the light simplicity of the song allows for more focus on the lyrics which proclaim a powerful message of love conquering hate. The chorus celebrates: “There’s a truth that just might save us – Love is a language stronger than hate … love needs no weapon; it is its own defense. In the end, love will always win.” The song feels like a gentle but certain reassurance that the darkness and hate will not prevail.

These songs translate well from a studio recording to the live setting. It seems like Travis’s voice and musicality are meant for a live audience as his passion and authenticity come through in his unrestrained performance of these songs. The whole album is filled with joy. It is a beautiful reminder of the hope we have in any circumstance.