Vertical Worship Breathes New Life Into Old Favorites

My Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.5 / 5]

Vertical Worship’s new self-titled album, released August 4th, marks the worship band’s fifth album release. The band used this album to rethink, recreate, and re-record some of their favorite songs from past releases. Consequently, the album is an experience that feels both refreshingly new and comfortingly familiar. The band intentionally focusses much of their songwriting on pulling lyrics and ideas directly from scripture with the intent of “ascrib[ing] worth to God… and [singing] his word back to Him.”

verticalworship“Open Up the Heavens” begins the album with high energy produced by an immediately catchy drum beat and electric guitar. The lyrics, “open up the Heavens; we want to see You … filling every part of our praise,” bring praise to God while also offering a prayer that His kingdom would be brought to earth. This newer recording has a richer, fuller sound than the original version, giving the four-year old song a new, refined sound.

A Vertical Worship favorite, “Do What You Want To,” takes on a cleaner, subtly toned-down, sound than its original recording as well as a change in lead vocals. It is a powerful song of surrender, the lyrics inviting God to move in and through us. The new sound brings a fresh perspective to the song without diminishing or neglecting the powerful lyrics: “We surrender all to You. Do what You want to. God, we love to see You move. Do what You want to.”

“The Rock Won’t Move” testifies to the unchanging nature of God. The newer recording differs from its original 2013 version in its more upbeat, tighter feel. Despite the subtle change in sound and feel, the truth and power of the lyrics persist. There is something especially powerful in singing about the timelessness of God in a newer, recreated version of a Vertical Worship classic. Even as circumstances change throughout the years, our God is the rock that “won’t move, and His love can’t be undone.”

New listeners and old fans of Vertical Worship will both find something fresh and new in these rethought Vertical Worship favorites. In each of these songs, reimagined sounds serve to breathe new life into the powerful, authentically-sung lyrics. It is a must-download for anyone looking for a worship album that will bring them close to God in worship.