Third Day's "Revival" Is A Fantastic Addition To The Anthology

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7/ 5]

In the CCM genre, Third Day is a staple. Their music has inspired and encouraged listeners across twelve albums and twenty-one years, they've received countless nominations and awards, and their bold stand for Jesus Christ is more than evident across every track produced. It's no wonder that their latest album has been heavily anticipated and already so beloved. Revival is the best of the beloved Third Day sound, with powerful lyrics and joyful passion bound to captivate listeners.

revivalThe album opens with the upbeat title track, welcoming listeners with light percussion, tambourine, and upbeat strings. The beloved Third Day rock sounds merge with an acoustic guitar for a classic, old-time country church sound. The themes across the song are just as fitting, lyrics projected by lead singer Mac Powell's powerful vocals. They convey a desire for revival and healing, a cry for God's mercy and forgiveness. Not that the song is a heavy burden in the slightest - if anything, it's a hopeful and energetic reminder of how powerful the Gospel truly is.

There's not a single somber song across the collection - the joy and thankfulness are so powerful. "Gonna Be There With Me" is a prime example, rushing with an energetic, electric guitar melody that couples with lyrics about God's faithfulness. With similar themes, "Faithful And True" scales back the adrenaline for an acoustic guitar-driven song. These tracks are a sample of the album's feel - a range of fast and calm tracks packed with encouragement.

Another highlight is "New Creation," a praise track partway through the album. The western rock tones clearly show themselves in this track, being driven by a steady blend of steady clapping and electric guitar. There's joy and thankfulness in every chord and word, hinted at by the title. The message is simple: "hallelujah, I'm a new creation!" What drives the song forward is the upbeat, contagious energy that draws and engages listeners.

The album closes on a strong note with "Devotion." If anything, the song is a prayer for passion and the strength to represent the Savior. Here, long, resonating electric guitar chords take the stage with brass and steady drums. Like any good collection closer, the track takes the best parts of the album - the soft rock riffs, the western tones, and the massive sound - and summarizes it all within a single song. "Oh fill me up till Your love surrounds me, and oh, give me grace for those all around me," Mac's resonating voice sings, "… Lord make my life a devotion to You."

Many of the songs in Revival are set to become fan favorites and even radio staples. From beginning to end, it's an engaging and captivating album, carefully arranged and crafted with a wide range of songs and themes. Revival certainly deserves its place in the Third Day anthology, a must-hear for fans and casual listeners alike.