'Found' Is Seventh Day Slumber At Its Best

My Rating: Must Listen! [4.9 / 5]

Their twenty-year, twelve-album journey has taken them far, providing listeners with powerful songs that provide hope and point to Christ. It's no surprise that Found, the thirteenth addition to Seventh Day Slumber's discography, is no exception. On the contrary, the album goes above and beyond the call, packed with more impactful anthems guaranteed to become fan favorites and notable milestones in the band's continuing journey. Found's engaging melodies, honest themes, and artistic sincerity are sure to resonate with and impact listeners.

foundThe album begins with the upbeat opener "Sky Is Falling," a fight anthem that highlights the energetic rock elements of the Seventh Day Slumber sound. Drums set the pace and beat as electric guitar chords drive the melody, providing the foundation for Joseph Rojas's vocals. Its lyrics are a fight anthem, an encouragement to never back down in times of trouble. "Sky Is Falling" sets the tone for the album and is a fantastic introduction to the remainder of the collection.

Shortly after, Seventh Day Slumber scales back the enthusiastic energy for an expression of God's goodness. The title track puts the melodic emphasis on strings and drums, with guitar and violin notes gently carrying the song along. With lyrics as moving as the instruments, the song describes the healing and love Christ provides, how He finds us even when we feel lost and alone. Certainly a highlight on the album, "Found" is sure to become a fan favorite.

Building from its predecessors, "Mercy Meets My Pain" stands out for its vulnerability. There are cries for clarity and understanding in the midst of pain, reconciled with a chorus that emphasizes Christ's mercy and the peace He freely gives. Driving these themes is a beautiful blend of piano, acoustic guitar, and soft drums that lightly accent each verse. The balance between melody and content drives the message of the song home, creating a beautiful and encouraging reminder.

As the album draws to an end, it closes with a powerful note via "My Last Words." The energy picks up for a triumphant hurrah, fueled by acoustic and electric guitar chords, accented by piano, violin, and gentle drums. The result is a rock and western sound that drives passionate lyrics. Themes of hope come clearly across the verses and chorus. "Let my last words be a melody to the tune of which my heart beats for You" sings Joseph, declaring wishes of glorifying Christ even until the very end.

Without reservations, Found is a powerful collection. It's Seventh Day Slumber at their best, proclaiming the love of Christ and providing hope in every lyric. Every song is engaging and thoughtful, captivating listeners and leaving them with substance even after the album closes. For audiences in all walks of life, Found is certainly worth the listen.