'Legacy Part 2: Passion' Is One Of Planetshakers' Best

My Rating: Add It To My Playlist [4.0 / 5]

Planetshakers has been busy writing and recording their newest songs for Legacy Part 2: Passion. The EP includes four new songs written for and recorded at the four-day Planetshakers conference. The songs, recorded live during worship at the conference, embody the sense of power present in community when people come together to worship.

Energy is felt from the crowd from the beginning of the opening song and title track, “Passion.” It is a song of surrender; all of the lyrics are statements of laying our burdens down, and singing “I’m Letting Go” and “I Give You All Of Me.” Though the lyrics are prayerful declarations of humility, they are sung with energy and celebration, matched by upbeat drums and electric guitars.

"Passion" flows seamlessly into “Prophesy.” The dynamics change and continue to rise and fall throughout the song. The song is a declaration against the darkness we find within and around us. The chorus moves into a synth-filled instrumental that makes you want to dance. This energy is maintained throughout the song, and it ends with the celebratory claps and voices of the crowd.

“We Speak Life” comes down in energy a bit but, the chorus maintains the same power of the preceding songs, declaring the power of speaking truth. The lyrics, “our God is more than able,” embody the theme of a never-failing God who deserves our praise.

“You Call Me Beautiful” begins with simple piano and a slower tempo than the preceding songs, placing extra emphasis on the lyrics as they express the awe that God knows all the parts of us and still loves all of us. The lyrics name our struggles and temptations but they end with a grateful cry: “You love me through it all.”

Legacy Part 2: Passion, though it is short, contains well written, produced, and played live worship tracks that provide the soundtrack for a full worship experience, from a dance party to a powerful time of prayer and praise. It is arguably one of Planetshaker’s best, and it is definitely an album you’ll want to add to your collection.