Andy Garcia Creates A Complete Worship Experience With 'Forever We Sing'

My Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.4 / 5]

Andy Garcia’s new album, Forever We Sing, will be available on July 14th. The album comes from Andy’s passion to use his musical gifts to lead worship and encourage rising leaders. Worship leading has been a part of his life for many years, and his passionate desire to make worship a lifestyle comes through in the songs on this new collection. These tracks are sung with leadership, bringing the listener into an intimate place of worship from wherever they may be.

The classic and beloved hymn, “All Hail” takes on a new sound as Andy Garcia creatively and artfully brings energy to the worshipful lyrics. Synth and electric drums contrast the age old lyrics “Holy, Holy, Lord God almighty” that people have been singing for centuries. Garcia is able to capture the timelessness of this song while also bringing a freshness to the sound.

The title track “Forever We Sing” is especially notable because of its origins. Andy Garcia wrote the song together with his son. The song focusses its lyrics on bringing listeners to the throne of God and creating a space for people to fix their eyes on God. The song has a catchy beat and a chorus that is simple but powerful as it declares the truths, “be glorified, be lifted high, forever we sing You reign.”

Garcia also includes several worship favorites on the album such as “Furious” and “Be Enthroned.” These songs fit well on the album because they are so focused on directing listeners to a place of authentic and pure worship. The drums and violins that open “Be Enthroned” immediately give the song a different feel than its original recording. The lyrics “All through eternity, our endless praise we cry, Jesus be glorified” express the passion and intent of Garcia to bring glory to God through his worship.

Andy Garcia is a gifted worship leader who has compiled an excellent collection of worship songs for Forever We Sing. Each individual song is well produced and excellently played, sung, and lead, but I especially enjoyed listening to the album as a whole, complete worship experience. From beginning to end, Forever We Sing brings listeners into a beautiful and powerful time of worship.