The Rock Worship Delivers Authentic Expression Of Church's Passion On 'God Will Reign'

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio! [3.9 / 5]

God Will Reign (coming 7/7/17) is the newest release from The Rock, a church located in Anaheim California. The church has been using its gifts of creativity and musicality for several years as its grown into 9 campuses. Their second album, God Will Reign, was recorded live and includes 10 songs written by the worship leaders at the church. The Rock Worship leaders expressed their desire for the songs to “fill many homes, cars, parks, jogging trails, hospital rooms, houses of worship, mountains high and valleys low with the sweet presence of Jesus.” These songs are certainly authentic expressions of the church’s passion for worship. Some elements of the album, however, may be disappointing from a production standpoint. As powerful as live recordings can be, it can be quite difficult to successfully bring that passion into a recording.

The title track, “God Will Reign,” is a prayer for renewal in the church and the world. The verses ask God to “send revival / a rising up from what’s been broken down,” and then the chorus repeats the promise, “God will reign over all the earth.” Several times, as the music builds, the congregation’s voices join the lead vocalists, strengthening the sound and adding depth to the song.

“Love Love Love” is a refreshing departure in genre from many of the other songs on the album. The sound brings a more contemporary feel to the album. It begins with electric guitar which is immediately accompanied by clapping and driving drums. The energy put off by the song is contagious, but there are times when the mix doesn’t seem quite right, and the drums and electric guitar lose their sharpness, creating a clouded sound that, at times, drowns out the vocals.

“I Let Go” speaks of finding fulfillment in Christ alone and learning to let go of the other things that demand our attention. The chorus lyrics declare, “I let go of all that’s to be left behind / Take the chance to live new life / In You there’s so much more.” Again, there are times in the song where the drums don’t quite sit right in the mix, causing the song to lose the clean, sharp sound. However, the vocals still powerfully express the strong lyrics, and the passionate feel of the worship is not lost.

God Will Reign contains heartfelt lyrics and several varieties of musical genres and sounds within the album. The songs are strong, but the difficulty of recording a live album shows through in the production of some songs. However, in the few places where production falls short, the voices of a live audience and the heart behind the songs make God Will Reign a strong and passion-filled worship album that invites listeners into a sincere time of worship.