Josh Baldwin Provides Encouragement For A Long Journey With 'The War Is Over'

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist (4.3 / 5)

Bethel Music’s Josh Baldwin will release his first solo album with Bethel Music on May 26th titled The War Is Over. These songs, full of hope, longing, and trust give insight into Baldwin’s journey across the country as he moved with his family from North Carolina to California. Baldwin takes listeners with him on his journey and invites them to worship  with trust in all seasons of their lives – knowing that God’s promises always come to fruition even when the journey itself is long and difficult.

“You’re My Home,” one of the more synth-driven songs on the album, serves as a reminder that whether we are resting in a familiar place or walking along, unknown path, we can find a home in Christ. Baldwin sings, “Right where you are, I want to be with you. Into your arms, I’m coming after you. You’re my home, sings my soul.” The synth, electric guitar, and drums make this song one of the most upbeat tracks on the record, giving it a distinct celebratory sound. It perfectly captures the feelings which come with following Christ on a journey– trust, faith, and joy.

The song “Abraham” draws direct connections between Abraham’s journey and Baldwin’s cross-country trip with his family. It is an honest portrayal of the struggle to remain faithful when God’s plans are unclear. Baldwin sings, “When ashes and dust are all that remain, will hope for the world still come from my veins?” The lyrics make a direct reference to Abraham’s story as Baldwin sings, “On this alter, on this road, you have called me from my home … how can I walk in my new name? Father of many, the promise you gave.” These questions and doubts are answered with hope in the bridge which says, “I will sing out until I believe now. You’re faithful to carry me.”

The album concludes with the song “Peace,” which wraps up all of the doubts, questions, and fears we experience in life and reminds listeners of the peace which is present in our relationship with Christ. The song is pretty mellow – mostly carried by acoustic guitar and piano. The chorus reads, “Every waking moment in your presence, this peace won’t let me go. Even in my struggle, I’m surrendering. Your peace won’t let me go.” The song is sincere and worshipful; it wraps up the album with truth and a reminder that God’s promises remain.

The War Is Over is all about the journey. Baldwin reminds listeners that they always walk with Christ in the unfamiliar territory they must cross. Rooted in scripture and rich personal experiences, the album is perfect for anyone who finds themselves needing some encouragement in a spiritual or physical journey.