Aaron Shust Captures Live Feel On 'Love Made A Way'

Aaron Shust released his first ever live album, Love Made A Way, on March 10th – an 11-track album consisting of original songs penned along with covers of some of today’s worship favorites like “Ever Be,” “Resurrecting,” and “Cornerstone.” Shust’s latest single “You Redeem,” which was released before the full album, has continued to grow in popularity and radio play. Shust said in pre-release interviews that he really wanted to capture the essence of a live worship experience on this album, and after a thorough listen, I can say he has done this masterfully.

The album begins with Shust’s original song, “Heartbeat.” The song slowly builds in volume and musical complexity from the verses to the full, synth and drums-driven chorus as Aaron sings, “You are my every heartbeat, every breath that I breathe. You’re all I need. Only You can satisfy my soul.” It’s a dance song, for sure, and the passion expressed in the lyrics mirrors the energy of the song even after the music fades and a choir of voices sings the chorus acapella one last time.

Aaron’s latest single, “You Redeem” explores the way “every darkness dies” where God’s redeeming hand brings new life and restoration. The verses, driven by piano, erupt into full choruses as Shust sings, “You redeem … You rebuild with the words You breathe.” The music diminishes and then builds powerfully in the bridge as Shust declares, “miracles will happen, healing will come, wrecked by Your presence and lost in Your love.” The song ends high in energy as the last few notes ring out.

“Lead On” closes the album with energy and celebration. The synth-led song is full of melodies and rhythms which are almost impossible not to dance to. The lyrics, too, celebrate lives lived in closeness to God. The whole idea of the song centers on asking God to “lead on,” and “we will follow.” The song sums up the feel and concepts of the songs preceding it, acting as a bookend to the great album.

Aaron Shust’s Love Made A Way is a powerful worship experience for anyone wanting to sing new songs and experience a fresh sound to some old favorites. Recording in a concert setting made it possible to capture the passion and enthusiasm of a live audience. Love Made A Way is a perfect blend of the old and new, capturing the strong feel of a live performance on a recorded album.