Matty Mullins Pours Unrestrained Passion And Sincerity Into 'Unstoppable'

Review rating: Must Listen (4.5/5)

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Matty Mullins is a man of many hats. He is currently the lead singer for the post-hardcore band Memphis May Fire, has served as a guest vocalist for countless bands like Spoken and For Today, and as of now, has released his second solo album. Matty expressed in our recent interview that his solo project started as an experiment, but since then, he's seen God open doors in incredible ways. Unstoppable is the story of a man overflowing with love and passion for Christ, backed by well-crafted melodies and upbeat, engaging rhythms.

Straight from the beginning of the collection, Matty's enthusiasm shines in the album's title track, "Unstoppable." Here, electric guitar and drums create an upbeat, bright atmosphere - and across the chorus, a bold, brass fanfare only brightens the melody further. Special guest Jordan Feliz comes in across the choruses and bridge, complementing Matty's bright and energetic vocals. The song's lyrics are likewise hopeful, expressing the unstoppable power of God's love.

The celebration continues with "Go The Distance" and "Brand New Fire," two energetic songs that showcase Matty's musical arsenal. The former builds from gentle keyboard and acoustic guitar, with drums and vibrant violin across the melody. Its lyrics describe the incredible and boundless power of God's love. Just as joyful, "Brand New Fire" is a slightly more upbeat and energetic track that puts more emphasis on bright guitar and moving drums, with clapping and hints of tambourine in the background. Its lyrics celebrate the moment that Christ comes into a person's life and the freedom He provides. These songs, amongst the entire album, demonstrate Matty's wide range of musical talents, if not just his uncontainable passion alone. Considering his vocal work with the heavy metal Memphis May Fire, it is clear how much talent and thought he packs into his music.

Just when listeners are convinced they have finally heard it all, Matty brings "Christ Be Magnified" to the table. It's an incredible, sincere, and profound worship song that centers entirely on the majesty of Christ. Electric guitar matches the calm and magnificent keyboard, creating a calm and dignified sound to support beautifully written lyrics. "Be magnified, Christ, be lifted high," Matty sings, "the heartbeat of our praise is to magnify Your name."

The collection closes on a high note with "Until I Need You." Here, Matty brings down the energy for a raw and honest moment. Acoustic guitar drives the melody as keyboard notes and calm drum beats accent the verses. Matty's vocals drive passionate, sincere lyrics that cry for God's presence to override all else. "Take it all away until I need You, and nothing else," he sings across the chorus, "and no other Name can satisfy the heart of me." The track is a beautiful and powerful way to end the collection, certainly standing out in the rest of the album.

It nearly goes without saying that Matty Mullins has created a masterpiece. Few artists can so expertly draw from multiple genres, styles, and inspirations to develop a beautiful and sincere collection, yet Matty's work more than exceeds expectations. Listeners can hear his heart and passion for the Savior across every note and lyric, making it impossible not to smile, sing, or keep the beat alongside the rest of the song. With the inevitable success of this album, one can only hope that Matty Mullins' journey will continue to bring more incredible and impactful music.